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5 years ago today....

5 years ago today I found the newly launched, struggling Kimber Talk forum. I can remember thinking it was a good week when we had a half dozen new posts, LOL. MPO Southy and Nellybell were two of the old timers with 4 and 3 months seniority that I looked up too when I was a newbie.
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Happy anniversary, Chuck!

Do you know who started KimberTalk? Where did we come from? What are our roots? Last night I was doing a little sleuthing, trying to figure out who we are today. In 2015, Verticalscope, the owner of KimberTalk had 600 forums and websites. Torstar paid $200 million for a 56% interest in VerticalScope. Somebody sure puts a whole lotta value on eavesdropping on a bunch of gun geeks yak about shooting. I'm gonna have a talk with the boss and put you in for a raise.
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Unless my Google skills have deteriorated, this forum is the only forum dedicated to Kimber. I've found Kimber threads on other forums, but for a pure Kimber focus, this group is it. And, it's a nice, polite fun-loving group of people. Thanks for what you've done!
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I started reading KT back in June of 2013 while I was researching the little Solo gun, and decided to join in November of the same year.
I remember two of the early members that have/had that gun named Warthogge & sbubrick. One was having issues with his and the other one swore by it.
You are correct when you say there wasn't much going on back then. A big thanks to you for pumping some air back into the forum.
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Everyone here is awesome! Even the disagreements are polite
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This is a great site!
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My Brother! Chuck you do an awesome job, your a great friend to me even tho we have never met in person. I know if we lived closer we would hang out all the time. Best ever forum members I have ever posted with.
I should add I had wanted a Kimber 1911 for a long time, since the first time I saw a picture of one in a magazine. I would drool over them at the LGS and wear out a Kimber catalog picking which one I liked best. I think I decided upon a Crimson Carry Ultra, odd but I've never owned that model. A motorcycle lady friend of ours offered to sell me one of her CDP Ultra's for a great price, she ordered a CDP, waited, waited then like it always happens ran across one in a LGS bought it and two weeks later the CDP she ordered came in. So I already had my CDP Ultra which is rotating EDC with my RCP Ultra before I found Kimber Talk. At that time I knew nothing about any Kimber problems, haters, or bashers, I guess it is pretty clear I paid no attention to any of that crap.
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Happy anniversary, Chuck! I would have never bought a Kimber if it wasn't for this forum. It has always amazed me. I think I've had the UC2 for three years, and just yesterday I found it has a little laser on the side of the grip!

I'll bet the .22LR parts fit on this same pistol, too...
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Thank's for the great job you do Uncle Chuck, you're appreciated! I haven't noticed any Hot Rod pics this summer, what's up with that? Did I miss something?
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I too remember those old days.You could literally go days at a time without a new post.Then Chuck came along and the rest is history!!!!!!
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