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Unhappy I'm back!!!

Aneurysm surgery over with. Don't have to worry about abdominal aorta rupturing and me dying before I hit the ground. Now. I just feel like crap! Due to incisions in lower abdomen, I now have diarrhea and loss of bladder control. This is no way to live!! It sucks. No real pain, just trying to run to the bathroom when you can barely walk is not cool!!

Given the choice of crapping and peeing all over myself and being dead.......I'D RATHER BE DEAD!!! From my heart attack back in 2003, I found being dead to be very peaceful, calm and placid!!

deadhorse.gif <---- NOTICE HOW PEACEFUL THIS HORSE IS!!!
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Get better soon Lineman, we miss you being here.
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Welcome back Keith. I heard it gets better, but that may just be a rumor.
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Quit doing jumping jacks!!!
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I'm glad you are ok, but until you get the excrement issue under control, you won't be riding in my car.
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I'm glad to hear you made it through surgery okay and see you back on the forum Keith. I'm sure you'll be back to your old self in no time.
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I feel your pain Lineman. I was gut-shot some years ago, wore the dreaded colostomy bag for six months, then the even more dreaded illiostomy bag for a couple months more. IT TOTALLY SUCKS!

And to add to the empathy I feel for you, I also had aneurysm surgery in September; a bypass in one leg (six hour op), a stint in the other. The "vein harvesting" thing was the worst as you probably can attest.

Trust me, the pain will get less and less, and eventually the exhaust thing will sort itself out, at least mine did after almost a full freakin' year.

Hang in there bud, you've got lots of company and support here. The very best to you for a speedy and full recovery.
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Hope you're feeling better soon.

ps. be careful what you ask for...
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I just had the screen for AAA. Mine was ok. Had a friend that showed NO SYMPTOMS & bled to death alone at home while his family was at work/school. Not a bad way to die I guess, but I'm not ready to go just yet.

Guys, if your DR. say he wants you to get this test done, please, do it. It will save your life.

Thank God that this test even exists. Many folks died from AAA in the past & they didn't even know how/why.

God blessed you Lineman. Hope you live a long life.
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Feel better! We need you for the county!

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