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Old 01-26-2019, 02:24 PM   #1
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Political BS

Now I try not to get into politics but this mop top libtard new democratic idiot wants the judge to grant leniency to those morons trying to join ISIS? This pisses me off! How about we send her sorry ass and the idiots back over seas where they can join anyone they want. But before they go, lojack their asses first so it will be no effort on our part to put them down!


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Why don't we just let them join ISIS and cancel all their American credentials?

In effect, they defected, I suspect.

Do you think untrained youth, that while of draft age, have learned any martial or survival knowledge?

"Yes, millennial, that is the fancy "participation belt." If you want Starbucks just push the button--but they're not open now..."
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Radial Muslim Jew-hating ISIS sympathizers in Congress. Not good.
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She really pisses me off.
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