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Too many guns

Do you ever see a cool gun, or hear someone talking about a gun, and then remember..oh yeah, I have one of those?

Ever looked at a gun in a store and then remember you already have one?

The other day I was looking at some ammo with a friend and I didn't recognize it. It was .357 Maximum. And then I remembered I have a gun in that caliber, and ammo too.
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HA! yup that sounds like me at the gun show. Fondling a shiny new 1911 of some kind or the other then mentally smacking myself "you already have five 1911s!" "put that down go over to the ammo guy so you can shoot the ones you have "
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Geeze, you guys make me feel like a piker.
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This proves it. If you know how many guns you have, you don't have enough.
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Exclamation No Way!!!

Ain't no such thing as TOO MANY GUNS!!! Maybe more than you can comprehend at a given moment, but not TOO MANY!!!
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Originally Posted by Gmountain View Post
Do you ever...
No, no I don't. That said... it sounds like a fantastic problem to have
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Old 02-02-2019, 06:34 AM   #7
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It is impossible to own to many guns. at least that's what my grandpa taught me. he hasn't been wrong yet...
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Too many guns, no, not enough safe space. I thought I solved that problem when I bought a second safe.... I was only temporarily right.
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Until the furnace crapped, I was trailing the wily and little seen P938 in .22LR, but then, I like my happy home. Good thing I have toys to sell.
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This is such 'silly' talk. How can there be too much? They don't have a limit on gun safes. Ammo? How many you can buy in a month?

Heck, guns have even gone digital, you can print your own.

I think this may be another false news story.
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