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Question Quitting a job when you like your boss.

Its time for me to move on from my job. My wife and I have to be closer to our aging parents. I have secured a position with relocation with another truck dealer 1500 miles away.
So, here is the issue. My boss is a good friend and I want to work out my two weeks. I value our friendship. That said, I am going to the other side but a long ways away and donít want corporate to make him let me go right away when I give notice.
Do I?
1. Give 2 weeks and hope for the best?
2. Give 1 week and if they let me go, go?
3. Straight up quit? (Not really an option)

Whatís the M.O. these days?
I am replaceable but that will take some time. Nobody that works there now is ready to take the wheel for me but some could be trained.

What to do?
New employer says I can start any time with 1 working day notice.
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Do the honorable thing and give two weeks. If corporate cuts you loose, it's not your boss' fault. Make that clear to him. Jobs come and go. Friends are more permanent. Besides, you may cross paths again someday or at the very least, need a reference.
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I would talk to your boss privately before doing anything official.
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I agree with what Longhorn said, give them 2 weeks notice.
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I agree with Longhorn and Chuck. I was a maintenance supervisor over a fleet of trucks for many years, if someone gave me notice I would always rehire them if ever the time came. But if they let you go their lose. Good luck in your new job.
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Longhorn put it very well, and I agree with him.
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I agree with the others saying give the courtesy of a two weeks written notice and then let happens happen. After the written notice, it's up to the company and you will know very shortly. My last job before I retired, I just wanted to walk but gave them the written 2 weeks notice.
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I agree with the other comments, you said your boss is a good friend, so what option would you have other than to be honest and straight forward with him. I wish you well in the future. My wife and I are traveling about 1400 miles a month trying to take care of her 84 year old dad who lives alone and refuses to let us move him closer to us. Good luck.
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Since your friends with your boss I would talk to him privately first. Do your best to give a notice it can go along way in the future. Try not to let anyone know you have job lined up with what could be seen as the competition. I've had that happen to me and it turned my 2 week notice into being told to just leave now. I'm not sure how they found out where I was going because I didn't tell anyone.
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Whether my boss was my friend or not, I'm old school.
Give them and plan on completing a 2 week notice! If corporate cuts you loose right then or early, that's on them. Out of your control but you did the right thing.
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