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Best and Worst

What's the best gun you ever spent your money on?😁
What's the worst gun you ever bought?😩
I'll go last.
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BEST … 1) Colt Commander, satin nickel, .45 … my cost $5.00
2) Kimber Classic Custom 1911, .45, NIB …my cost $300.00
3) Kimber K6s … cost $685.00 traded for Sig 1911 ($1100.00) even up.

Worst … 1) S&W 645, .45 auto … $450.00 (bad shooter, just bad)
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Best and still my Favorite. Kimber Eclipse Ultra 45 $1100 New

Worst, Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact 40
$385 new
Shot good but always replacing broke parts. Ambi slide stop design is junk.
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
What's the best gun you ever spent your money on?��
What's the worst gun you ever bought?��
"Best" is subjective. For me, it's dead-nuts reliability, shootability, and concealability. It's not about value or rarity. It's got to be the HK45C.

The WORST is easy. It's a @#%@$%*! AMT Backup Pistol. It was the most awful POS imaginable. I think it was a five round magazine, and it would NEVER get through that many without a jam. It was so unergonomic that the pain you endured from firing it was probably no less than the pain felt by the terrorist you just shot. And the slide-bites were so frequent that I probably bled more than any terrorist. It's been thirty years, and I'm still bitter about that gun.
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Worst handgun was a Taurus PT945. Slide bite was the biggest problem aside from I hated the double/single trigger. It's one of two guns I have ever sold. Worst long gun and the other gun I sold was a Walther G22 .22 bullpup that never did reliably make it though a full 10rd magazine. I had high hopes for the G22 as a suppressed shooter. Oh well...

I have a few 'best guns' depending on criteria.

Best carry gun... hands down best ever is my LCP simply because I'm willing to carry it all day everyday which I have never been willing with any other gun (all much bigger).

Best recreational range gun... would have to be the one that gets the most trigger time, and that would be my Ruger .22. Just love the dang thing.

Best long gun... Yankee Hill 5.56. I've changed it quite a bit since purchase. It gets more trigger time than my other rifles combined.

Best looking gun... Solo.
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Best : UZI, 9mm, Semi (Best I've ever owned)

Worst: Rossi Ranch Hand in 44 MAG (It wasn't fun, it was an experience!)
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Best-Sig P-220 SAS .45acp. I can honestly say I have no worst/bad experience with any of my other firearms.
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I’m going to say the best was my Ultra TLE II 45 because it just impressed me after my first range trip and at $699 I couldn’t ask for more.

The worst was my S&W Sigma 9mm. It wasn’t a bad gun as far as reliability but that trigger was just awful. The pull was extremely heavy but what can you expect for a $200 pistol. I wish I knew about Apex back then because they do have a spring kit to help reduce the trigger pull weight.
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Worst: H & K USP

Best: Kimber Hero Custom II

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That's easy. My best is the SIG P238.

The worst was a Colt Double Eagle in a Commander style. It choked time after time. I sent it to Terry Tussey and even he couldn't fix it. I sold it at a loss to the first guy who admired it.
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