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Big range day Wednesday ... woohoo!

68 and cloudy … perfect range conditions. Meeting at Biscuit World 9:30 for carbo load. Range is about three minutes from restaurant. Packing a cooler and snacks, stayin' all day.

Taking three Sig 9mm pistols and new Tavor X-95, 9mm PCC, for it's first time since opening the box. I only shot the Sig X5 one time ('bout 300rds), the other two Sig 320s, a compact and a sub-compact, have had lots of tinkering since last trip. So I have lots of toys to play with.

I always like to load up my mags ahead of time so I can spend my time shooting instead of loading. So tonight I got out my Uplula and an ammo can full of Remington 115gr FMJ, set up in front of the TV and started loading … what have done?!

Mag and round count ….

TAVOR X-95 …. 9 mags x 32 rds ………….. 288
…. 2 mags x 10 rds ………….. 20
Sig X-5 …. 7 mags x 21 rds ………….. 147
Sig compact …. 6 mags x 15 rds ………….. 90
.... 2 mags x 10 rds ………….. 20
Sig sub-c ….. 7 mags x 12 rds ………….. 84
649 rounds = 13 boxes

I know my shootin' bud is looking forward to helping me break in the TAVOR. An "all day" range day ...woohoo! (oh... I dumped 6 more boxes into the ammo can … just in case)

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Sounds like a perfect day! Have a whole bunch of fun and be safe.
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Sounds grrrreat. I'm jealous... want a TAVOR.
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Have a blast literally.
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Enjoy your day and don’t forget your targets.
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It sounds like someone is going to have a great day today.
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THEM 32s takes some loading ..I do the same thing..
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Well Paul, by the time you read this, you're probably back from your epic range day...hope it was as grand as hoped. Bet you've got some very perforated targets to show now too, so let's see 'em!

I'm quite envious, as I'd sure like to take my new Pro CDP out for a walk, but we've still got quantum quantities of the dang white crap to deal with, and even with my 3/4 ton 4WD truck, I can't get more than a few feet off road, so it's stay home, shovel, turn on Netflix and fondle my Kimbers.
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Thanks for all encouragement but tomorrow. Heading out right now to sort out my targets and steel. I'll try to remember to grab my wife's camera my phone pics suck. I also want to give my Ruger MII Government Model a good scrubbing down and lubing too gotta have some .22s in the bag.

Planning on a long range day, the wife's working out of town and won't be home until late so I don't have worry about being home in time for dinner.

I'll try to get some good shots of our gun club too I think you guys will enjoy a peek behind the curtain.
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You are going to need more ammo !!
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