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Doesn't anyone use logic anymore?

I just saw a topic on the opening page of my computer. It said, and I quote, "What if Mexico still included California, Arizona and Texas?"

Gee, Einstein, let me comb through over 6 decades of my life and see if I can spot a trend. Oh, there, I have it.

If those states were under Mexican control, the supposed "leaders" of this new land mass would treat their citizens in the exact some fashion.

Ergo, Mexicans from California, Arizona and Texas would "jump the border" and illegally enter Nevada...

In my life I've seen Mexico only do one thing that aided their citizens. For a brief period, Ford had Escorts built in Mexico, and the GNP of that demographic actually rose. For a golden moment, not only did the ruling body have frills, but so did the Mexican working stiffs.

My guess is that after the "brain trust" of Mexico saw average people with cash, they closed the Escort factory and made the peasants hoe tobacco...

I have no respect for Mexico--they push their mistakes here. If Trump was smart, he'd send the 101st into Mexico, conquer it for the zillions of war crimes they committed against their own people, and make it the 51st State. From there, we then sell it for 1.38 (we 'boomers used to call that 'a buck three eighty') to the Caribbean nations under the proviso that a titanium wall would be built--without gates--across the Rio Grande.
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...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...

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