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There's an old Sicilian adage that goes...

..."no good deed goes unpunished."

I got up early this morning to return a repaired and polished Barge to a barista at B&N. I had sipped some hot, sweet coffee, when the inky sky lit up with the loudest, brightest lightning I had seen in quite a while. I decided to get out to my truck before the front would start dropping rain.

Half-way home I realized that my wife had no Starbuck's tea, and she'd never venture out in this, so I pulled into their east side customers' lot. Their parking slots are notoriously narrow, and I have an F150. Naturally some mouthy lady with a cell phone glued to her head had parked crooked next to that only spot.

I did a triple axel getting out of my truck, stood in line, got my wife's complicated drink (which I keep on a list in my biker jacket so I don't forget the ingredients) and got back to my truck.

Little Miss Sunshine was still on the phone, still parked crooked and now she had found a mouth. I derided her in succinct conversational Sicilian--including my thumbnail against my frontal bicuspid--and left.

My wife was just getting up and was glad she had a hot, green, foaming venti tea--just like the written instructions told me. I mentioned the loudmouth.

Private parking lots are not covered by law in Wisconsin. I could have taken a wrecking ball to that car and phone and only got a suggestion from the local cops to "call my insurance agent." I didn't know getting cussed out by a menopausal nutjob was actionable in any court of law.

So, be advised, if you come to the 'burbs here, just drop me off and I'll get your coffee. Sometimes I speak Sicilian like a main-lander, and I forget all the inflections--drives my cousin Alan nuts.

The good news is that I'm learning the diatribes of the locals.

Who in their right mind cusses bikers now?
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...

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