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A note in a biker wallet.

As I have often mentioned, I know of no other enterprise that is as honest as that of the cutlery industry. In my +23 years as being a knife salesman and polisher, I have never been asked to sign a contract, nor do I even know what one might look like.

The usual notification is something like, "Chico, I have a 500 dollar knife that needs a polishing. I shipped it yesterday, you'll have it by Tuesday, just bill my credit card to the usual number..."

Who else does this? Yikes, I have to sign numerous forms at the Ford dealership for a simple oil change. For Pete's sake they have my truck, how much more security do they need?

Anywho, once every decade or so I clean out my biker wallet, and it's like a treasure hunt, I never know what I'm going to find.

Below is a card I got from some knife wielding Christian biker, who represents a breed more common than you'd guess. I know the type, for who else wants a polished defensive knife, gives me a business card with a Bible verse on the back, and uses the idea of being "brothers"?

Clearly, I never charged him, but then, he wanted that certain knife for something. I'm hoping it was to slice a Subway sandwich.

I hope you guys read the exchanges between me and Rob. That's the lifestyle I want to embrace.

...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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