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People are willing clueless.

(Edit: That should read "willingly clueless.")

We've had a ghetto shooting near my gym. What you have to realize is that the chocolate plague in my area leaks anywhere and everywhere in my little burg of Sun Prairie.

Since I have never (as of yet) had to shoot my way into a building, it's clear I might have to shoot my way out. So I packed my jeans shorts today, replete with a holster for my J-frames and wrapped the SW 642 inside a small white towel.

But get this. I never had a singular moment of privacy in the men's gym today. People were filtering in and out--one guy even talked about the shooting.

But as I dressed slowly, waiting for this privacy, it never came. Finally, I turned my back on the my locker, unwrapped the 642, and surreptitiously slid the revolver into its place and snapped the thumb-break.

Not a single person even looked up.

Now, several things crossed my mind. First off, how did anyone know --for certainty--that I myself wasn't the shooter?

To that, the guys were all discussing the shooting in a mind fog.

Finally, while it's considered "polite" to not directly gaze at a naked guy dressing, I was clothed and packing up.

In the 1990s gun magazines, some writer whose name escapes me postulated that people needed to wake up. Random shootings were beginning to evolve, and while some states already had CCW provisions, not every had them or even bothered to apply for licensing.

When Wisconsin got its CCW provision, my wife and I got licenses, although to be honest, I had carried on-and-off since the 1980s.

How do kids in long drover coats get into schools--even with policemen stationed there--walk through wide open doors and blast a dozen other kids with an AR-15? Gun control? No, it's just clueless fools for what is right in front of their faces.

Now, I was "raised" by bikers, not parents. And the first rule was to know where everyone's hands were--even in a crowded saloon. The enforcers knew, so you had better be sharp, as well.

Even in this forum if we think a guy is just a member to sell cheap junk we spread the word. We should do the same "in the world."

And if you see a 'bulge' on some banger's ass in the mall, my guess is that it's not a copy of "The Catholic Review" or a goiter. And that passing familiarity might just save your bacon.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Your absolutely right about people, their to wrapped up in their phones and whatever is happening on the other side of world to pay attention to their surroundings. I grew up being taught to be aware of what was going on around you and watch your back. We just had a incident here in Tn (the story the news is pushing sounds fishy to me), had people been paying attention to their surroundings maybe it could have been prevented.
Some people's heroes wear a cape and some fly, My heroes wear combat boots and sometimes die.

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Originally Posted by wayne View Post
Your absolutely right about people, their to wrapped up in their phones.
Fortunately at my gym, you cannot activate or call from your cell phone in the locker-rooms. Evidently, someone somewhere sometime took a picture he/she shouldn't have. There are signs all over the gym.

My take is simply "WTF?" The gym supplies free newspapers, the entire gym is full of clueless gossipers, the gun event mentioned hit the news, and the guys in my locker-room discussed the issue to death.

But here's the real issue for me. There is one parking lot right next to the door of the gym. By the time my wife and I get there, it's full.

Then there's a side walk and and a secondary parking area--that one is full by noon.

After that, there are some cement islands and huge lights like at a shopping mall and then a tertiary 3rd parking lot.

If you stray towards that back road you're probably in the range of even a gang-banger, if he's sober from whatever crap they inject.

What's worse is that there's an elementary school across the street from the gym's north side street, perhaps +40 away.

I don't know what the answer is. Do I calmly approach a few bangers and politely ask, "Don't any of you soup-coolers have a job or hungry children who are better served by the welfare checks I send you for food instead of parlaying it into this sloppy shooting and repetitive fire resulting in untold wasted cartridges?"

Being German and Polish, I can do a bit of "Sprechen Sie Deutsch," I can understand a little Spanish (two women who made my Subways were Mexican) and I can fake enough Sicilian to get some great angel-hair pasta.

I just can't speak 'negro,' and my tolerance for psycho-jive is wearing very thin.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Ah, so you mean, you think you can SHAME them into acting like civilized humans in a first world country? Or REASON them into anything?!

Really? {snort}
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