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Generac is the way to go. As implied, your emergency needs will dictate the size you require. Go through your house, noting the draw of everything you could want to work, during an outage. Not just the frig and freezer and the oxygen equipment, but light, radios, TVs, computers, air conditioning, etc. Once you have totaled that up, you will know your very bottom number. Now, add 25% to cover start ups and other surges. Now you know the wattage size of the generator you need. Plan for a minimum of 4 days usage. Talk with your installer and look through the sales brochures about how much the units gulps during peek usage. With that info, you can determine the size of the propane cylinder you need. For example: If your gen uses 2 gallon per hour, peek, and you are planning for a minimum of 4 days, that's 96 hours. Consider a 150 gallon tank.
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little solar powered charger/battery usb blocks are good to have too...
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these are great...i bought a dozen for the studio...when power goes out we stick them to anything metal for lighting the house
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I have a pile of the battery LED lights for room lighting, and USB charging, also. I have UPS (uninterruptible power supply) on my computer, and each TV and associated electronic equipment. When the ATS switches to generator, or generator to commercial power, the battery backup minimizes surges to the sensitive equipment, and minimizes the off, on, off, on during power outages.
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Beautiful sunny day, 50 and no wind and the power went off 25 minutes ago. It went back on 10 seconds after it blinked off. Love that Generac.
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
My father-in-law is on oxygen 24/7.
I'm sorry to hear that.

I had an Aunt Margie that just couldn't stop her addition to cigarette smoking. She once regaled us with her daring-do when she 'humorously' had to chew out my perennially unemployed Uncle Jack when she asked for Salems and he bought her some Winstons.

Her house was also wired for oxygen.

If it's kosher in your family, I will pray for him.

PS. Got your notice, prayers were sent.
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