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Second Amendment Sanctuary

Klownifonia may have their sanctuary cities, but here in Tennessee we have Second Amendment Sanctuary counties. Not sure how much protection they will provide but at least their taking a stand even if it i just symbolic.
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Sounds a lot like Kennesaw. A few years back they pass a law (tongue in cheek) that all citizens of Kennesaw must carry CCW.

Supposedly the crime rate dropped...
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Originally Posted by The Tourist View Post
Sounds a lot like Kennesaw. A few years back they pass a law (tongue in cheek) that all citizens of Kennesaw must carry CCW.
Supposedly the crime rate dropped...
Uh, yeah, 1982 -- so a few more years than a few! And not carry, but every householder must own one. And not even SLIGHTLY tongue in cheek! (We down here are very PROUD Of Kennesaw!) (College too, eh?!)

From 2018:
Today, Kennesaw, a town of about 33,000 people, has had one murder in the last six years and a violent crime rate of below 2%.
Then: 2013:
The exception-riddled mandatory gun-ownership law just passed by the town of Nelson, 33 miles to the north, is modeled on a similar law enacted more than three decades ago by the city of Kennesaw.

In 1982, Kennesaw was a city of about 5,000, "a rural population of Southern conservatives, strong Second Amendment advocates," city spokeswoman Pam Davis says. The city enacted the measure in response to a law passed in Morton Grove, Ill., that outlawed gun ownership.

"When the law was passed, it was common knowledge that it was not going to be enforceable," Davis says. "It was a symbolic gesture."

Still, the crime rate, not that high to begin with, plummeted after the law was enacted Ė by 89%, compared with a 10% drop statewide, according to published accounts. Davis says there were 11 burglaries per 1,000 residents before the law, 2.7 after. Despite slight fluctuations, she says, crime here "is significantly lower" than similar-sized Georgia cities.

No one has ever been prosecuted under the law.
The Nelson ordinance is one of several similar laws around the USA that sprang up in the wake of the Newtown massacre, which sparked an intense debate on gun rights:

Spring City, Utah, with a population near 1,000, passed an ordinance earlier this year recommending that every household own a gun.

Last month, voters in Byron, Maine, rejected a law that would have required each household in the 140-person town to own a gun and ammunition. About 50 people voted, all of them in opposition, including the selectwoman who proposed the measure. According to the Lewiston, Maine, Sun Journal, Selectwoman Anne Simmons-Edmunds said the measure was initially tongue-in-cheek, and then it became serious.

In Nelson, Mitchell says he hopes that with the law on the books, his town will just get back to normal. "We're just ready for things to slow down," he says.
and, 2018:
At one point the town of Kennesaw, Georgia was just like many others in the South ó and by that, we mean that it was not law that the head of every household had to own a firearm.

Not anymore, thanks to a bill that compelled each family to own a firearm as prevention against violent crime.

The bill passed in 1982, and ever since, the small city has built a solid reputation for itself ó these are people you donít want to mess with, and homes you do not want to break into.

Now, the entire city has had one single murder in the past six years, and the violent crime rate is less than two percent, according to the Independent Journal Review.

According to the Neighborhood Scout, the national average for the violent crime is four percent.

Thatís a massive difference. Do you think thatís coincidence? I sure donít.

From: Kennesaw, Georgia Violent Crime Rate Tiny Thanks to This Gun Law ? Concealed Nation
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