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"naked and uh, NO WAYed"

...big W, big T and a big F to go with it!
Just tuned in to the new episode of Discovery's "Naked And Afraid", they're in Honduras tonight. My late Uncle Ray used to go there with the reserves on medical/psych ops missions. He always said it was a beautiful country :-) I like to watch the show with my 10 year old daughter. I get to point out errors they make and other unless survival trivia, fun, we laugh when the bugs eat the participants up :-)
A new twist on things though tonight, a chunky lady and a chunky transgender dude!!! YUP :-) Originally a she but now a he (spotty beard and all). This is I conversation I wanted to have with my daughter tonight I think to myself. I realize in this day and age things like this are supposed to be accepted. The science does however suggest that if they're that unhappy to begin with they don't cheer up for long after they mutilate themselves??? I honestly could care less what folk do, hey???
I would like to officially thank Discovery for forcing an agenda on everyone watching. Not that I had much respect for the fake shows they produce but what I had is now gone :-(
Is there one of those smiles with the longest finger displayed that I can attach???
Thanks again Discovery :-)
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When Naked and Afraid first started, I really liked it. After all, what kind of red-blooded American outdoorsman doesn't think he could manage a couple weeks in a garden paradise? But then the locations just started becoming dumber and dumber, and the challenge was how much torture the contestants could endure. No thanks. I'm NOT interested in that. Actually, I just got home after leaving a party early because my arms and legs are excruciatingly itchy. Yeah, I was out in the hills today and the trails are VERY overgrown with nasty, pointy plants. I'm glad I was wearing shorts and a shirt, and super grateful that I have access to hot water, soap, drugs, and whiskey.

But back to the subject at hand...

My SIL's were telling me this evening about our local Target store that has an aisle in the men's section devoted to men who dress up as women. No, I'm not kidding. Homos no longer have to shop in the ladies department. They go to the men's department, but they get their own aisle with gay women's homo clothes. I suppose everyone needs to buy clothes, but departments of stores shouldn't be segregated according to who the customer wants to bone. Minority groups are missing the point by trying to segregate themselves. Martin Luther King didn't want segregation. He wanted inclusiveness. If people want to act normal and assimilate, great. If people want to be treated differently and dress up like weirdos, then fine, just don't expect the rest of us to respect you.

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Like I've said before....there's nothing wrong with this world that a gigantic, well- placed asteroid couldn't cure! Thank God I'm getting old and I won't have to see the final transformation of the human race. There's still a lot of good out there but it's getting too lop-sided to the ABnormal IMO!
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...that's nice that Target wants to help out the cross dressers, hey they probably buy lots of clothes? Wise business move right?
I'm indifferent to the "orientation" aspect of it all. It's the retrofitting of the original equipment that I find troubling. I guess better stated the concept being presented as no big deal. I guess I'm getting old :-)

...on the "bug bite" topic. I once found myself somewhat disoriented in a bog in the Adirondacks. This was one scenic area, mid May, like a postcard image :-) I guess I was about 15, for some reason my boy scout compass wouldn't stabilize accurately and I also was enjoying some of the local "halfling's leaf". The original plan was to bushwhack a few miles and head directly to a little lake I hoped to camp at. No such luck, the Black Flies ate me alive. I cut my can of OFF open with a hatchet and bathed in it, they kept biting! Pitched the tent and took shelter, the little ba$tards were getting through the netting!!! Finally I started a fire and tossed some green pine bows on it, stood in the smoke. That's the only thing that got them to stop biting. I wound up clicking my heels numerous times and backtracking out of there, thankfully only my pride was hurt :-)
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Some companies never learn and Target really took a beating over the bathroom issue, I see they are still off the rails. Almost certainly there are some very high ranking LGBT folks at Target driving this nonsense because they always want to push, push, push their agenda.

Simple business, you don't potentially offend 96% of your customer base to throw kudos to 4%, or in the case of cross dressers/transgender a lowly 1% of the population. All to make some sort of "politically correct" statement that companies have no business getting involved in. They just need to stay out of it and sell stuff.

Target is not the only one to step in it in this manner (Dick's and JC Penny for example) but they seem to want to lead the pack.
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IMO, they should have to order all there chit online.
I almost never go to Target now this seems like a good reason to never go to Target.

My wife's iPad Pro stopped working it would not power up. I was forced to take it to the Apple store which is not a true Apple store but a place called Simply Mac which is owned by Game Stop, anyway yep it's at "The Mall" since I didn't want to be the only one there (in a gun FREE Zone) without a gun, I tucked my CDP Ultra under my Columbia fishing shirt and off I went. I had to wait a long time almost like going to the doctor, the store has glass walls so I had a front row seat for the (Freak Parade).
Short story store employee Wyatt screwed up entered serial number wrong, turns out tech guy that was working on it later entered the correct serial number and it still had 2 days remaining on the 1 year factory warranty, getting a new one for free.

When I heard "male" contestant was an "IT" I changed the channel, I'm not wasting my time watching that chit.
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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
When I heard "male" contestant was an "IT" I changed the channel, I'm not wasting my time watching that chit.
Amen, Arland. I'm just very tired of having this LTGBQ (or whatever the h3ll it is)crap shoved down our collective throats. And then there's "special laws" and protections for them......don't even get me started! Grrrrr!
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Don't ask don't tell needs to be a world wide law. They all need to keep their freaky ass hidden away from the rest of the world. Isn't there some island we can send them all to, like the brits used to do with criminals.
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My wife has always said that if no one is pushing their way of life on us all the more power to ya-but the problem is the constant pushing of a different lifestyle down a persons throat-now it is time to tell them to stay to themselves-we don't care to see or participate
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I haven't been in Target for years since they banned the Salvation Army bell ringer's in front of their store. That was enough for me they can go pound sand for all I care after that.
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