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Old 06-26-2019, 09:48 PM   #1
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new Madonna video !!!

...ahhh, it seems in an effort to regain some relevance in pop culture everyones favorite "Material Girl" has decided to go anti 2A!!!
It's called "God Control" and has graphic imagery of a night club shooting and other clips? The music really sucks, maybe she should just run for office already???
...oddly I'll bet the old $kank has armed guards with her more often than not.
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Originally Posted by cousinmark View Post
...oddly I'll bet the old $kank has armed guards with her more often than not.
What do you want to bet her place has a wall around it too.
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Never trust anyone who backs out on BJ's for votes! No wonder Hillary lost!
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LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Madonnaís bodyguard said he was ``shaking like a leaf″ after he shot an intruder at her home but that the man accused of stalking the pop singer appeared calm.

Basil Stephens testified that Robert Hoskins seemed fearless and determined to kill Madonna. He said he fired two shots after Hoskins lunged and tried to strangle him.

``I was shaking like a leaf,″ Stephens said. ``I had never shot anyone before. I didnít know if he was going to live or die. There were police all over the place. It was a mess.″

He found Hoskins alive and conscious.

``I said to him, `Thereís an ambulance on the way. Iím sorry I shot you.′ ″

``And what did he say?″ asked the prosecutor.

``No problem.″

Hoskins, 38, described by his lawyer as a harmless homeless man, faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of stalking, making terrorist threats and assault. Testimony was expected to end today.

The pop starís personal assistant, Caresse Henry Norman, testified Thursday that she heard Hoskins, speaking on the intercom from the front gate, announce himself as Madonnaís husband and say: ``Iím going to kill you and everyone in the house.″

The shaggy-haired, bearded defendant occasionally fidgeted in his chair or shook his head during the testimony.

The questioning of Stephens by Deputy District Attorney Rhonda Saunders was designed to meet the legal requirement of proving a defendant poses ``a credible threat″ in order to be convicted of stalking.

Stephens said he shot Hoskins because ``he was definitely the kind of character that would carry through with his threats.″

Jurors were shown security camera videotape of a man approaching the gate and twice scaling a wall and wandering through the grounds.

``Iíve had many people come up (to the estate),″ Stephens said. ``But none was as credible a threat as this. The look in his eyes, the refusal to leave. He didnít seem to be afraid of anything. He seemed to be very determined.″

The bodyguard testified a day after Madonna told jurors Hoskins invaded her 25,000-square-foot estate, terrified her and prompted her to put her house up for sale.

Stephens said he first spoke to Hoskins on April 8 when he left a note for Madonna.

``I confronted Mr. Hoskins and told him to take his note and go away,″ Stephens said. ``He said, `Give her the note or Iíll kill you.′ I walked toward him and he said, `Tell Madonna Iíll either marry her or kill her. I said, `What did you say?′ And he said, `Iíll slit her throat from ear to ear.′ ″

Stephens said he called police, got a gun and chased the man but lost him.

Madonna hired an extra security guard to patrol the estate, he said, and the man apparently did not return until May 29.

Stephens said he was alone when he confronted a mumbling, swearing intruder on that day who insisted he lived there.

``Then he lunged at me,″ the bodyguard said. ``He said he was going to kill me.

``I drew my weapon and said if he didnít stop Iíd shoot,″ he said. ``He lunged at me again and I fired. He didnít go down. He spun around and lunged at me again and I fired again ... and he went down face forward.″

Stephens said he ran to call an ambulance and Madonna.
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Old 06-27-2019, 12:15 PM   #5
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Wow, after something like that you'd think she might cross over to the dark side and advocate the necessity for defensive weapons?
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Well, Madonna, I am honoring victims. The 6,000,000 disarmed and defenseless victims that were marched into gas chambers during WWII. I honor them and their decedents by protecting the God given right to keep and bear arms. Might consider that before you run your pie hole.
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