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Angry Mass Shootings

The news stations are like a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy...

Two mass shootings within less than 13 hours of each other left 29 people dead and dozens more injured in Ohio and Texas.

In El Paso, 20 people were killed and 26 injured when a gunman, identified by three sources as Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old white man from Allen, Texas, began shooting just after 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Nine people were killed and at least 26 injured Sunday in a shooting in a popular nightclub district of downtown Dayton, Ohio, police say.

Mean while back in Chicago this year 273 are shot and killed and 1334 are shot and wounded and no one gives a shit.
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"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."-- Thomas Jefferson
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as long as people are on this earth nothing will stop violence..all you can do is protect yourself.
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I was thinking the same thing. How many people were shot and killed in Chicago this weekend? Nobody talks about that at all. Watching the news this morning, every channel has multiple donkeys being interviewed and spewing their hate and lies. They all blame Trump instead of the person doing the shooting.
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Obviously, the main problem here is ORANGE MAN BAD
"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied chains us all, irrevocably."
-Judge Aaron Satie
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Here's the glaring difference.

Shootings in Chicago are generally viewed by the public as criminals killing each other. There's exceptions but that's the general view. Average Joe does not relate to drug-dealing gangbangers standing on a street corner in the hood selling dime bags and catching a bullet in the head from a drive-by. Eh... just another criminal off the street. Rightly or wrongly, that's the general view and why it's rarely addressed in the media other than a record-breaking weekend of homicides.

On the other hand, average Joe can relate to being a Walmart shopper. So when a couple dozen Walmart shoppers get mowed-down it's a BIG DEAL.

Making a media hypocrisy argument comparing Chicago gangland shootings to a mass murder of Walmart shoppers might be technically correct, but it's hopelessly missing the underlying context.
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My buddy Phil is so smart...he nailed it!
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I've got to say I see a clear difference between gang violence and nut jobs targeting kids in school or shoppers at Walmart. I don't mean to diminish the tragedy of those murdered in Chicago or wherever but it's part of the "life" they live. They know better than we do the dangers associated with being involved with what they're doing.
One thing's for sure, this weekends events will be blowing up in the media over the next few weeks? The question is how will Trump and the GOP react? The "cold dead hand" attitude isn't be embraced the way it is around KT by the general public IMO...
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How will republicans react?

Shortly after the El Paso shooting Lindsey Graham called for "common sense" gun control and Red Flag gun confiscation.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, tweeted the shooting was "sick and senseless."
"Time to do more than pray. Time to enact common-sense legislation in Congress to empower states to deal with those who present a danger to themselves and others while respecting robust due process," Graham said. "May not have mattered here, but Red Flag laws have proven to be effective in states that have them."


This has been in the works for a while. Unfortunately, NRA has been publicly advocating for Red Flag gun confiscation since early 2018. Be prepared for a big pile on from Washington republicans because they've got the NRA to hide behind. In other words, the NRA has made it pro-gun for politicians to support gun confiscation schemes. My guess is that the Feds will try to put together a spending package to bribe states into adopting gun confiscation schemes.
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