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Oh, oh. It broke!

OK, obviously we all go to the range. Now, once you're there and it breaks, what tools do you carry with you to fix what is broke. Obviously some of us might need a trailer to haul what we think we might need.That idea is totally impractical.

So, here is the question, what would you put together to comprise an emergency tool kit? Multi tools are great, but I have never seen one that has a torx driver. I guess Real Avid tools might be a start. So please, let's lelp each other out and give us some real good ideas.
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Simple for me, a multi tool. If that can’t fix it I go home. Range is close.
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Same here with the multi-tool. Most of the RSOs at my club frown on anything beyond simple repairs at the range. I've heard, "sorry but that's an unsafe weapon..." told others on a few occasions.
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I don’t carry many tools either, screwdriver, knife and maybe a few other things I forgot are in my range bag. I never go to the range with one gun so if one is a problem it’s done for the day. The range has an armorer onsite if I needed assistance.
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I can't remember ever needing tools at the range. and when I go to the range I take so many guns that it wouldn't matter..
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Just yesterday, I used the one torx driver in my range bag to tighten the grips on my Micro 9. There is also a Glock pin tool in there, but I've never used it at the range.
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Old 08-09-2019, 05:34 AM   #7
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My bench at home is the place to correct problems with my guns. I usually have 6 guns in my rolling range bag so if there's a problem with one I just move on the the next one.
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I also take a few guns with me so my day wont be ruined by one that fails.
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I'm in the fix stuff at home camp. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to sift through the brass and residue on the floor looking for a tiny part :-)
That being said they do keep a modest array of basic tools at my range for emergencies. One item they have available is a large screwdriver blade/bit set. I've marred a screw or two over the years using a less than PERFECT fitting blade. It's amazing how anything less than an EXACT fit can mess up a grip screw :-(
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Originally Posted by DeOlMan View Post
OK, obviously we all go to the range. Now, once you're there and it breaks, what tools do you carry with you to fix what is broke.
I might carry a rag, some oil, and maybe the tools for installing or adjusting a scope. But really, I expect my guns to run at 100% 24/7/365, so I don't bring tools for repairs. If a gun isn't functioning to my liking, it gets put away and I shoot something else. I ALWAYS bring spare guns.
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