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NBC Contributor: Trump Saying ‘Heil Hitler’ with Date of Flag Re-Raising

OK, is this not an absurd statement for this high Government official to state? It starts at around 2:45 in the video. Of course, he is a former Deep State FBI official! Some things are stupid to say and still can be in the realm of leftist reality but how can his statement be perceived by any logical person to be "reality"?? This is where we're at folks........So, were former NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dale Jarrett white supremists for driving their number "88" cars? LOL!!

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Really? I bet this guy doesn't sleep very well if his head is filled with crap like this. I questioned what you meant about the "88 car" until i watched the clip. So every time this guy sees two 8's or 420 or two S's together its a secret hommage to the skin heads. They will stop at nothing to try and prove Trump is prejudice.
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