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walmarts new policy.
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Heard sucks!
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Simalar to dick's, but they will sell the stock on hand, rather than destroy it.
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The "People of Walmart" photos/threads will have an even higher percentage of "freaks of nature" pictures now that they'll have pi**ed off a large percentage of their normal customers!
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As on of the largest resellers of guns & ammo, I think this will have an interesting dynamic on the firearm trade. Does this drive more to local gun sellers? More ammo-by-mail? Do the anti's attack the mail-order aspect of firearms? We now have more than a couple of major retailers who have caved to the 'mob' pressure, so I am thinking, who needs more laws when they can just get major enterprises to cave into their way of thinking. What happens if UPS, Fedex and USPS stop accepting any firearm related shipments?
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I figured something was going to come out of Walmart after El Paso. I don't agree with it but I'm pretty sure Walmart doesn't care what I think. They didn't get that big not knowing how to mitigate risk. I think they determined which group they could piss off, that would result in the least amount of risk to their bottom line. Ammo mfg's. are not not going out of business and losing Walmart will be a problem until they figure out what their new distribution model looks like. They like Walmart are in business to making money. Just because Walmart is no longer an outlet doesn't change the fact that the demand is still there. Of course I could be wrong, I've seen me do it!
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I think near-term pricing will hold, but watch longer term price increases, or sales as vendors (Winchester, Remington, etc) try to replace the volume loss from Walmart.

I am also curious what the Walmart shareholders will think of this when same-store, year-over-year sales decline. Will they care as much about public perception, or activist pressure? These institutional investors, usually the largest class of investors, only care about some pretty simple metrics.
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Their only helping out the LGS's across the country. I rarely buy ammo from walmart and when I do it's only because already I'm there.If they had a competitor around me I wouldn't go to walmart.

I wonder how many people are going to honor their request for customers to stop open carrying in their stores.
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I don't think it's going to be a big deal to Walmarts bottom line or the ammo manufacturers or even the consumers. Ammo sales probably aren't that big of a deal in their overall marketing strategy and demand will just increase at your LGS, online sales and other sporting good outlets. I think in the whole 25 years I've lived in HELENA I've only bought one or two boxes of ammo from Walmart. I'd much rather support my local LGS. They just did this so they could look good in the public eye after that shooting in Texas.
As far as banning open carry in their stores; that's just stupid. There would probably be an increase of open carry, after that shooting, and that would only deter nut cases with murderous intent.
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