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Mostly For Grandparents

For the most part we're an older group with grandchildren and I've been seeing a lot of posts where guys are saying that when the grand kids come over their guns go into the safe. I guess that's the easiest way out of a potential serious problem until things get bad for real. Do people with a CCL that feel the need to carry every waking minute of the day think that when the most precious thing in their lives comes to visit it's OK to lock up their guns?

I have 5 grandchildren ages 5-10 and they all have gun safety drilled into them at home and at my house. They all have BB guns, the older ones .22's, yes grandpa bought everyone of them. Both my son and daughter in law have CCL's and carry all the time. Yes all but 1 of the extra guns I have stashed around the house go into the safe but I then have 2 more armed shooters in the house. I have a play station game system for the kids when they visit but usually they want to play with my Laserlyte system and my guns. With adult supervision this is always allowed, magazines are removed, chambers emptied then a lazerlyte cartridge is inserted into the gun that the kids can't remove. I carry every minute that the kids are here as do their parents and without fail my daugher in law always asks when I'm leaving the house with the kids if I have my gun.
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