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Seriously ###### hate doctors

you could be dropping dead from some deadly disease but the minute they see you are diabetic...that's your problem right there, no other explanation nope nope nope...

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My wife fights that battle too.
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by slanted View Post
My wife fights that battle too.
Good luck!
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they sent me a how was your office visit email.....
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Originally Posted by Shootinit View Post
they sent me a how was your office visit email.....
So TELL 'EM... and be as specific as possible (from the time you entered the office until the time you left). This can be your chance to make a positive difference in the healthcare you and that of others who visit their office receive.

Let them know...
1) What went well or what you liked (and why)
2) What bothered you or made you feel uncomfortable (and why)
3) How you felt all interaction with staff went (good /bad)
4) Your expectations, and all desired outcomes for the visit
a. Thank them for all met
b. Let them know what wasn't met and suggest a solution how they could be met - like perhaps a gratuitous follow-up visit to address them specifically.
5) To what degree you felt valued (or not) as a patient during the visit
And Finally....
6) Thank them for their email requesting feedback.

Hopefully your responses will help them to enhance their delivery of healthcare to that of a higher degree of quality.
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have had diabetes for about 6 years,that i know of.Type2. No biggy,watch what you eat,is the big thing. Pretty much all normal.
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@Shootinit, I'm sorry you had to live through this experience. My wife had problems with her thyroid and got poo-poo'ed by doctors for over five years.

But there are also a lot of good doctors out there, and I found one. As you know, my problem is anxiety attacks--you can be sitting quietly enjoying a book and then 'wham.' Your pulse races, your breathing is labored and every little noise winds you tighter.

However, even a guy like me gets sick now and then. And a few weeks ago I pulled a rhomboid muscle in my back. Smallest muscle in your back and I managed to damage mine! I needed some 'real medicine' along with the jitters.

I got my new doctor from a rotation at the clinic. They were running the old doctors to death, and they hired this new guy--and he gets stuck with me!

So I sat in one of his therapy bays and shook like a little girl. But he listened to me concerns, and gave me close to a complete physical. He treated my 'mind' as well as my 'body.' Since he knew I was a gym rat, he also hand selected some stretching exercises I had never seen before that helped that section on my back.

And then, he sat me down and talked to me like an understanding uncle.

I have seen this man for only about three or four appointments, all for minor stuff like cuts, muscle issues and asthma. He treats all of me, not just the broken parts. So my advice to you is "shop around." I have had the good fortune to have three such doctors in my life time. They can be found!
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