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Originally Posted by Wingnut View Post
Dang Rick, as I got older and drove to school many of us carried shotguns in racks but we never took guns into the classrooms. That must have been quite the place to grow up in.
Yup, it really was. I really never appreciated it then, but the world is a much different place than it was in rural BC in 1960. Not too many of us had cars, let alone trucks then, so no gun racks to carry our treasures.

'Different' is a kind term to differentiate the world as we know it now.
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[QUOTE=Albert.Cairns;989052]Welcome to socialist America. Or is it Communist America. Schools are no longer Schools their Indoctrination Camps producing Nazi Youth called Antifa and the like.
Just a small sample of whatís to come.
My advise to all my Kimber friends, make sure you have Food, Water and Ammo in Supply before November. When Trump wins again the left will lose their minds. Think itís bad now, just wait.

And if Trump getting reelected dont do it-the announcement of Floyds killers getting found NOT GUILTY will finish the the job of going bananas...
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I remember when I was 5th or 6th grade-somewhere I acquired an old rifle-no bolt.

I carried that thing down the street most of the time for a while-that was 'out in the sticks' at that time.
I used to stop at the local barber shop and shoot the BS. Finally a fish cop just had to stop me and see my 'gun'.

Wish I had that gun today. Might be something to restore.
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