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I saw 2 Bull Elk this morning

I was out early this morning, and took a high position over looking a lot of hillside across a canyon. In about 30 minutes, I saw 4 Elk, two of them were Bulls. I couldnít see a lot of details with my 10x binoculars, and only had my Rem 7mm with the 9x scope, and I was shaking a little with excitement.

Iíve a month now to get one of those boys. Today, I work on my big magnum rifle, Weatherby 30-378 Magnum fitted with the Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x40mm Scope. Via ballistic tables Iíll adjust the elevation for 800 yards, from the dead-zero at 300 that it was sighted in at 2 years ago. Iíll take a fouling shot at 200 and make sure the windage is still centered.

1. First off, I've never shot anywhere near this distance.
2. If things are the same it's going to be a level shot
3. I cannot find the ballistic coefficient for this factory Ammo, but it should be around 0.5
Norma 30-378 180gr Orxy, 20174642
4. The Ballistic Calculator show a 100 inche drop at 800 yard and 142 at 900 yards. About 3 feet difference. *** Gasp ***

Honestly I don't know what the distance is. It could be a 1000 for an additional 50 more inches of bullet drop.

So here are my question:
How do I make this shot?

BTW, I've actually become a pretty good shot. My 7mm had a cartridge, chambered many times over the last several weeks, and was scored up pretty good. So I fired it at a large rock, off handed at about 200', and damn near hit the rock dead center.

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Well since you asked........... you don't, it's not an ethical shot. As a life long hunter who has taken many elk I'd suggest you work on your stalking skills. Get that 800 - 1000 yards down to 200 to 300 hundred. Unless you constantly practice shooting at that range and learn to read the wind the odds of you making a clean one shot kill at that range are next to none and if you wound it and it takes off are you going to catch up with it and track it for hours or days if necessary?

They've changed hunting into killing, pickup any magazine and they'll tell you how you need a gizmo to tell you where you're at, how fast the wind is blowing, another the distance to the target then you need a scope that you dial all that info into and it will compensate for your shot. Where the hell is the skill in that, when the batteries go dead all those jack pine savages are dead in the water.

For large game like elk and moose I used a Remington 700, .338 win mag with a Nosler 210 gr spitzer partition bullet in front of 72.5 grains of Hodgdon H-450 powder.
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