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Has the Paris attack changed your carry practice

I know many licensed individuals do not routinely carry a firearm even though they could do so legally. I wonder if any of you in that category have changed your practices based upon the recent attacks in Paris. I believe that it's only a matter of time before such an attack happens in the U.S. None of us will know in advance when it's coming and not that a handgun is a match for killers armed with automatic weapons, but any gun is better than no gun when the shooting starts.

I am hoping that this terrorist attack wakes up some on the anti-gun side, especially to the foolishness of having "Gun Free Zones". In the meantime, each of us can be a bit better prepared if we actually carry everyday and everywhere that we legally can.
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Realisticaly, no.
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Not drastically, but I am carrying extra magazines.

I do believe in the concept of "fending" if someone gets too close to you. Years ago they taught to "fend, and then fire from a speed-rock." Sometimes a knife is used for this.

But the idea of a 'fighting knife' is bit hard for me to buy. I do have a nice, sharp ESEE 3 if I change my mind.
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In a nutshell, no. I carry every where legally allowed. I believe your question goes more to the concept of how the attacks have affected our carry? In that regard they have intensified my situational awareness. I agree with you that we will face some additional form of terriost attack here in the US. Clearly a pistol is no match for a full automatic weapon but, if enough people have them, someone will get the shooter.

Unfortunately the attackers will likely do enough planning to realize the benefit of initiating the attack in a Gun Free zone. Hopefully it will not take much for some to realize the fallacy of those?
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No Not it small town Ga. just makes you think to the future and be vigilance!
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I admit I have gotten lazy about strapping on the old Ultra. So much of what I normally do around here is either bad for the gun or just inconvenient to have on. I've been down toward the big city (Atlanta) a few times lately and I always carry down there. I suppose our peaceful little hamlet has lulled me into some complacency. I should fix that.
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The Ultra and 2 mags go on every morning and come off when my head hits the pillow. Habit. Dad was a LEO and carried all the time and drilled it in to me to Always be ready no matter what or where. I have started to carry my micro as a backup more offen when in crowded areas or inner city travel. But basically I carry normal as always..

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Generally - no. I concur with others here that we cannot get lulled into a small town= small threat mentality. Will a handgun be effective against an AK, probably not. However it will provide an opportunity to tactically retreat. Back in the Ol West; the purpose of a handgun was to fight your way to a long gun.
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Everywhere. Even when I hop on my golf cart to get mail and newspaper. (Morning routine)
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The Paris shootings haven't changed my way of carrying at all..One edc, two mags on my hip..

Now what made me start thinking of carrying another gun in my car was another brother in the hood getting killed last night three blocks from my work... That now makes four for the year from the same housing project... I have to go through there on the way to work and on the way home so my little snub nose will be with me starting tomorrow...
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