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What was your first Kimber

I was just thinking about my very first Kimber that I bought which was a Pro Carry II 9mm and remembered the joy of getting such an iconic brand added to my collection...I knew nothing about the brand except that I didn't think that I could afford one back in those days...

When my friend called me to ask if I was interested in buying one for $600 I couldn't say yes fast enough...I did a quick Google search and the first image that came up was of the Solo...I was floored that I would soon be the owner of a Kimber...

When I arrived at Dave's he brought out the Kimber case and handed it to me and when I opened it I didn't find the Solo, but a new looking PCII 9mm.....It was the most beautiful gun that I had ever had the chance to own...It wasn't the model that I thought I was getting, but I didn't care because I was getting a KIMBER...

That was 5 years ago and have added many more to my collection and plan on adding a few more...

Now it's your turn....Tell us the story of buying your first Kimber and why you picked the model and why you picked Kimber....

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Custom Crimson Carry II

It was an impulse buy while at the gun store.
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Gold Match, stainless, Gen 1

Love that gun. I was hooked on Kimber quality, fit and finish from then on. My wife saw/shot that and had to have a Kimber and picked a Pro Carry, again Gen 1.
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A few months before I had traded my SPFLD 1911 for an AR 15 and though I was happy with the trade I was missing the hefty feel of the full size all steel 1911. Well I got a nice bonus from work and off to the GS I went with a pocket full of cash burning a hole in my pocket. The Crimson Pro Carry 11 caught my eye and of course I had to have it. I had to add a check for a couple hundred bucks to my bonus (think I paid about $1200) that was 5 or 6 years ago I think. It is a great carry piece even though it has a name that I think a panel of actuarries came up with. Why not call it the defender, the terminator or anything but the "Kimber Pro Crimson Carry 11". Say that 3 times fast. It was my first alloy frame 4" 1911. image.jpeg
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This one:

I won it at an NRA auction. Little did I know how much it would ultimately cost me in additional Kimbers, lol.

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Mine was a black pro carry. 45 I later converted it to my wife's gun. I sure miss that gun and even thought about getting another.

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My Kimber Eclipse Pro II was my first Kimber and my 1st semi-auto. The only gun I owned prior to the Eclipse was a S&W 60. After buying the revolver I was hooked on guns. I started reading gun magazines and saw the Eclipse. I knew I wanted this gun. I had no internet at the time so I was searching locally for this gun. I finally found one. It was $900 and I have no clue what the msrp was at the time. I just bought it at first sight. Still one of my top 2 guns. I'm hooked on Kimber now. I only have 2 Kimber's now but that will change in time. There's no turning back now.
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Wanted a Kimber for at least a decade maybe longer, something always come along that was more important. Decided I wanted something in the Crimson model line Ultra size. Almost three years ago a lady motorcycle riding friend of ours wanted to sell a CDP Ultra II .45acp with about 50 rounds fired because she had two. She had ordered one and waited and waited got tired of waiting bought one at another store and yep you guessed it about two weeks later the CDP she ordered came in and she felt obligated to purchase it. It came with a Black Kimber holster, extra magazine.

$975.00 later I owned my first Kimber a CDP Ultra II and I added the Crimson Trace laser grips later.

It didn't stop there.
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Back in 1999 I was working at a Toyota dealership that had a gunshop on the back side of the block-I would go over and look at the 1911's on my lunch hour.
Well it happened they had a new Kimber Custom Target II in stainless I just had to have-instant gratification.
Upon getting home I started looking over my hasty purchase with open eyes-WHAT is this .40 caliber-Well dang
I never regretted that pistol-hands down it was a great shooter.
But -Alas I stupidly traded it for a Ultra CDP II-Oh well
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Kimber Micro Carry I bought for my wife this year. Was looking at some others this past week...wow.
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