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Old 01-27-2016, 11:11 PM   #1
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Wink Hey Wolf, Check The Pictures!!

Here are the pictures that I promised you!!

My 6 Point 4;30 PM Dec 2.JPG -6 point buck with 16 1/2" antler spread

Doe Taken Dec 7 With 6.8 SPC AR Rifle.JPG -Doe taken with 6.8mm SPC AR rifle

16 LBS -3 Inch Beard!.JPG -Turkey with 3" beard

5-8-15 Jake with Kimber .45 ACP pistol!.JPG -Jake (young) turkey

Hogs!!.JPG -Hogs shot by friends on property

Hope you enjoy these, Wolf!!

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I want to shoot feral hogs someday.
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Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times don’t matter.
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Old 01-28-2016, 11:43 AM   #4
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Hey Keith,

thanks for those pictures, very interesting !

As I said in the PM, Iīm glad that our roe deer arenīt that big as I couldnīt fit it all in my freezer

How do you hunt those turkeys ? Rifle/Shotgun ? Do you stalk or call or sit and wait ?

Some more info on my pictures from the other thread (https://www.kimbertalk.com/forums/104317-post17.html for those that havenīt read it) and a small selection of other pictures:

I got the buck you see there last year. He probably is my "Lebensbock" as we say here, my "Lifebuck" or buck of my life as I probably wonīt get a buck with a better trophy for the rest of my life. Of course there are better ones, even much better ones, but in the area where I live this one is the best that was seen for the last few years.

At first I didnīt want to shoot, as Iīm just a "guest" paying a small fee to hunt there, but as in the last years whenever I reported seeing a really good buck to my (very generous) tenant he always said something like "So, and why didnīt you bring him along? Those taste just as good as the small ones...". Well, this time I brought him along...

The Boss of the neighbouring hunting area had seen him a few days before and missed him because he had banged his scope against a tree before, we had some good laughs about that later.

While I donīt hunt because of the trophies but for the meat and the experience and care of the nature I do appreciate a good one.

The wild boar in the other picture I harvested during last octobers full moon around midnight. Full moons are mostly the only chance to get them as they are usually not seen during the day.
Itīs a "Keiler" (male boar) about 1 year of age and had about 120 pounds field dressed.
After the shot from 70 yards he fell and all was quiet. I smoked a cigarette and then another one to give him time to die in peace and then approached him. As still everything was quiet I put down my rifle a few feet away so it wouldnīt get dirty during the "red work".

Before touching it I nudged him a little with my foot just to be sure, and that was when he came back to life ! He tried to roll over his back towards me and tried to bite me where it hurts a man the most.
I pushed him down with my foot and looked at the rifle, swearing, before I remembered the HK45 on my hip that then took care of the situation, which will be my new Kimberīs job from now on.
Oh boy, I was awake then

It turned out shot placement was just a tad high, just outside of the chest and hit the spine , but didnīt severe the spinal cord. So he was just deeply unconscious from a spinal shock.

This one was killed by the tenant of my hunting area a few years ago during a driven hunt, a middle aged Keiler of about 260 pounds field dressed:

Guarding the crops from wild boar. They do a lot of damage and the tenant of a hunting area is financially responsible for that toward the farmers.

He knows itīs not his season. I swear they know !

Red Fox:

"Jährling", 1 year old roe buck, more typically my prey than the old one above:

For hoofed game except wild boar in Germany thereīs a (canīt find a better word) "shooting plan", that means that for every hunting area the authorities specify for a period of one or three years to harvest minimum and maximum x amount male grownups, y amount female grownups, z amount juveniles.

So, if you have any questions about hunting or gun laws or anything here feel free to ask. If you want I can look for some more pictures on my hard drive or stories in my head.

If not, just tell me and Iīll shut up

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Thank you Wolf, that was another great report, nice pictures and interesting background on the game you harvested.
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