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Ever gotten rid of a gun you now wish you had back?
Me - my satin nickel Colt Officers model fully customized by Terry Tussey in California back about 1989.
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Ya, a couple. I had a Beretta 92FS Centurion that I really wish I hadn't sold. Loved that gun. A guy offered me a ridiculous amount of money for it and I took it. Traded some S&W revolvers to get other S&W revolvers that I wish I had back.

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No. Never sell a gun is my motto,
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Yes, in 2011 I sold a Colt King Cobra for double what I paid for it back in the day. I wish I still had it, not because it was a great gun. I felt my S&W 686 was a much better revolver. But because if I had it today, I could sell it for four times what I paid for it.
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Old 02-02-2016, 09:58 PM   #5
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A Remington 700 BDL Mt rifle in .280. Lots of hunts with that rifle. Can't even remember why I sold it.
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Hmmm... I don't get rid of many guns... In my 53 years, I can only recall getting rid of two. One was a Browning BPS. I was young and got hosed on that deal. The other gun was a Broomhandle Mauser. Both were good guns, but I wasn't particularly enamored with either.
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Two come to mind but I did get guns I really wanted. Also they are not far away my brother has both. 28 gauge Red Label and a 1986 Colt Mustang Mark IV 80 series. Both were 98%!

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Old 02-03-2016, 04:15 AM   #8
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I bet that 28 gauge Red Label is sweet. I'd like to break some clay with that one.

I've sold or traded or given away several firearms. Wasn't particularly attached to any of them. I just don't like the gun count going down, should always go up. The only guns I was happy to see leave were the two S&W J Frames. I hated shooting those.
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I can't say I have. I traded in a S&W Sigma 9 and no regrets there. It barely covered the tax on the Sig I purchased.

I had a Springfield XD-40 3" that I traded for a Beretta PX Storm 3" 9mm and I was much happier with the Beretta.

I had a Remington 870 super mag that was sent back to Remington enough times they gave me my money back. I used that money for a Browning BPS which is awesome. I wish the quality of the Remington was better because I really liked that shotgun.
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Like Gmountain I don't believe in selling guns. Every time it looks like space in the safe is getting tight I seem to find extra room.

After my son comes into town to visit.
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