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Castle Law

Helena resident Jim Stiffler will not be retried for deliberate homicide for shooting and killing an intruder in his home 2 years ago even though he shot him in the back. 10 jurors and the 2 alternates voted to acquit. DA Leo Gallagher said he doesn't expect a new trial would produce any different result. The charges were dismissed and accepted by Judge Kathy Seeley. The perp had a rap sheet a mile long covering half a dozen states. Massod Ayoub testified for the defense. Hoping Mr Stiffler sues the crap out of the DA (Dumb Arse) for malicious prosecution. A mans home IS his castle in Montana.
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Is it bid by Gallagher for re-election ? Not unheard of. Once someones in your home who cares where on his body he's shot or how many times. He has entered into the "Fatal Funnel" and should never ever have a chance to terrify another family,period. Now lets forget about Stiffler right? Who cares how he's been traumatized by the invasion and worse having to take a human (I use that loosely) life. Now the city that prosecuted him should make sure he's okay and offer him at their expense any professional help he may need. IMHO
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That's the way it should be snake but in a lot of states it's not. Shoot someone trying to leave you home after breaking in and you could be going to jail. Never assume anything, check your state laws and have a lawyer on your speed dial.
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When we did our carry permit class things like this were brought up. You have to feel that you are threatened. I guess you could get him to turn around before you fired. Difficult decisions to make when you are surprised and your adrenalin level goes to the max.
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If I unexpectedly find a stranger in my home, knowing he ignored my security system signs and stickers and still entered the house after the alarm went off and the dog started barking, after all I've done to persuade a perp with half a brain to pick another house to break into, I'm going to feel threatened. I don't care if he's standing on his head, doing cartwheels or practicing yoga; he's likely to get shot. We'll ask questions later. How long does it take for a perp to pull and shoot a concealed pistol at you? 1sec, 1/2sec?
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I saw a great sign today, it said " Beware of dog, he eats everything I shoot "

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