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Inspiration from a Disabled Veteran.

Let me start by saying this Story is to bring honor to our Veterans and Police Officers that are wounded in service.
The story is not about Me or what I did. Its about them. And the Chain of events that lead to my very small gift to him.
My son borrowed my truck to move some stuff last night, so I had to grab a car off the lot. I have a spare Key chain in my desk that I havent used in months, because I am always in my truck. So I grab my keys and head home.
I call my wife and ask if she needs anything from the store, that I was stopping at Walmart for ice cream. Shes like why dont you stop at This store or that store , It will be quicker. For what ever reason I said nope I am heading to Walmart .
As I am walking into the store my left heal is bothering me, as it has been for a while. I am thinking this sucks My heal hurting I am walking like an old man. I get in the store and there stands a Soldier With Two Prosthetic Legs. (My heal is no longer hurting, and I will never complain about it again.)
I want to say something to him but I dont, As I am shopping I wished I had spoke to him. I head to the checkout line, I see him with his wife and children. I still dont say anything to him.
He is in the long line and I am in the 10 items or less line. Wouldnt you know as I am walking out the store I get right directly behind him. I have to slow my pace walking because of him, still I havent said a word to him. Then the Walmart employee stops him in front of me to check his ticket.
I finally realize I have been given a 1/2 dozen chances to speak to this man, so I do. I ask him if he was in the service, He said yes, I told him how much respect I had for him and what he had been through. I told him I didnt know if I could do that myself. He said that you would be surprised what you can do, when you dont have a choice. I thanked him for his service and went to my car.
I started my car and then see my Key Chain laying in the seat. A close friend made me a Wounded Warrior Silhouette out of 1/2 plate steel with my name on it. He appreciated my supporting them. It was beat up wore down but still I loved it. I did hate it made my Key chain weight about 5 lbs. LOL
I grab my key chain and jump out of my car, I start taking it off the key ring while I am walking to the soldiers truck. He rolls down his window and I ask him to please take the key chain. He did and thanked me for recognizing him and what he had been through.
I got back in my car and just broke down. I dont believe that meeting was by chance. I do believe it was meant to be. I have no way of knowing what it meant to him, but I do know I will never forget talking to him.
If you see a Disabled Veteran go up to them, speak to them. Thank them for their service. The person you maybe helping, Just maybe Yourself.

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Zoomy, that's why we all love you my Brother!!
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Amen zoomy, you've got a heart of gold and proudly wear it.
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Thumbs up Oh Hell Yeah!!!!

Thanks, Zoomy!! I thank you on behalf of my son and his comrades in arms that have been wounded or lost.

The Greatest Casualty Is Being Forgotten!! --Wounded Warrior Project

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Sometimes God puts people in our path for a purpose. Believe me, it made his day. Glad you had the opportunity to say thanks. Classy move Zoomy.

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God Bless you Zoomster and God Bless our veterans
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I'm a firm believer that that was divine intervention and it was therapeutic for both of you and a blessing. Very classy and compassionate Zoomy
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Excellent! We can't recognize them enough for what they have done for us.
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Excellent story. Now pardon me for a moment. I think I've got something in my eye.
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Thank you Zoomy for your story and thank you for what you did, Thank you service men and women for all you have done and all you continue to do.
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