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Night-time Preparedness

It pays to have your ducks lined up before going to bed. I'm not sure why this guy was checking his garage for strange noises without his gun in hand at 4am though. The outcome was good (for the good guys) but it is a reminder to be prepared.

Miss. homeowner kills escaped murder suspect after week-long manhunt | Fox News
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As an "old" Boy Scout, I never forgot the motto: Be Prepared! It seems more important now than ever before.
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Now days even in the daytime if someone rings my door bell unexpected, I have a pistol in my hand behind the wall. I for sure would have had a pistol in my hand while checking any noise or disturbance at 4am.

So I would have shot thug in the garage, before he hurt my wife and where it would have been easier to clean up the mess.
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If I'm in bed and I hear a noise at night there's a gun and flashlight on the night stand. Call me paranoid but I don't go anywhere unarmed especially in the middle of the night.
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Originally Posted by Zoomybaby View Post
My EDC is either on my belt, the table beside me in the living room or my night stand, still in the holster every night when I go to bed. You can bet the first noise we hear, my gun is out of the holster, myself and my two killer guard dogs are on it,
...can't be too careful :-)
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ABSOLUTELY! My gun is near at hand for any situation even remotely similar to this. This way I'll deal with the remains of whatever Titan leaves. All 5 1/2 lbs. of him. You laugh. I have seen him run a full grown german shepard out of the yard.
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Originally Posted by Zoomybaby View Post
my two killer guard dogs are on it
LOL, I have two little mutts myself.

What kind are those two? Looks like a Maltese/Westie mix...

Bichons, maybe?
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Zoomy, your little guys are safe at home. Trust me. Titan is pushing on toward 16 years old but still plays like a puppy some. Still healthy.
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I always have my edc on my nightstand and the bedroom door locked up like Fort Knox...

I have wooden sticks above each window so they can't be opened and along the glass patio door...I live in a great neighborhood with little crime, but growing up in St Lou taught me to be careful as well as prepared..
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As my dog gets older and needs to go outside more then I. I am alert to what might be his concern. 99.999.8473% of the time it is as expected, just need the heavy bathrobe/hood.
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