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women in combat? am I missing something?

...maybe it's me but I don't understand the logic behind the concept? What with all the press being focused on the candidates there hasn't been much said about the new plan. If I understand this correctly women will be involved in all aspects of military deployment (combat...) Seems to me it's kind of like crashing my car to see if the air bags work? Is this really necessary?
...any thoughts?
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When I was on active duty (granted it was a LONG time ago), women in the military were assigned duties in all aspects of operations and admin (at least in the Air Force) except for combat. There were some women that served with the OSI which you can consider "combat" duty, but their missions were top secret. So, I guess we will never know?

We'll have to keep an eye out for the modern day military women to see what happens to the plan of putting them into combat.
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Its part of Obama's plan to destroy the Military and the US. Hes like Hitler and
Stalin in that he got rid of all the Generals that would/did oppose his plans and promoted the yes men.
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I don't believe there are that many women who actually want to be deployed in a combat unit. However, most career enlistees understand that having combat experience in your jacket is a plus for career advancement. That is the big rub in this whole deal. The lifers don't want to be held back because they don't have a CAB. It's a shame the Pentagon is willing to put lives at stake just to balance the scale of job opportunity. IMO, if they are going to continue down that road then all 18 year olds should register for the draft, not just males.
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I think you are underestimating the abilities of women. Seems to me there are other countries that utilize women in their military in combat.

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The problem I would have is if it became mandatory that women were to serve in combat, but if left voluntary I would have no problem with it.
We currently have women serving side by side with our police men and doing a great job.
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Originally Posted by swca View Post
I think you are underestimating the abilities of women.
I'm with you on this one, I've known a lot of truly dangerous women. They should get their chance.

Then again, I've met a lot of really spineless men. It's the size of the fight in the dog.

But I must admit, sitting here in a chilly kitchen ruminating over the thrills of my earlier life, that the idea of putting the moves on a sweaty, angry woman that knows how to kill with a knife suddenly makes me all goose-bumpy...
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Bad idea, that will come back to haunt us. Sure there are a small percentage of women that can do it. But the majority will not, it's not worth the cost time or effort to find the few that can. It will lead to standards being cut, exceptions being made and over all degrading the abilities of our fighting force. Just the act of humping long distances in a full combat load over rough terrain will do in most.
Before now the closest combat unit females could be in, were the Military Police Corps. You have three types of MP's, Law Enforement they man the gates, patrol and respond to calls in our Forts/Base/Camps. Females often to very well in this roll. Corrections man our stockades and detention centers, this can be trickier at male facilities. But with certain concessions it works.
Then you have combat MP's they are basically rear area infantry, recon, escort and patrol main supply routes. They usually work in three man fire teams. Problems, ineffectiveness and just plan issues happened with the mixed fire teams at an alarming rate. The number one complaint "she's not carrying her weight".
This is just another politically correct failure by the Obama administration. I don't know about anybody else, but I sure as hell don't want my daughter to register for the draft and if your gonna make it fair and politically correct, then how can you exclude women from the draft.
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So heres the deal, I served in the U.S. Navy Seabees which is a forward deployed unit. We had women in our units and I can 100% tell you its a bad deal. Its not about what women can or cant do physically although that does play a part in it. The real issue I had is that women are a distraction. Its very hard to keep your mind focused on what you're supposed to be doing when you've been out in the field for months at a time and there are women around. Not to mention the fact that its very easy for these ladies to "work" their way to the top. IMO there is no place for them in combat unless they are in segregated units.
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...THANKS to all of you who've served by the way!!!

Like Tourist said, there's women out there that can scare you! I had a close call with a size 2 redhead in New Orleans some years back! She wasn't formally trained in combat, but it's a good thing for me I could outrun her :-)
I'm not suggesting women couldn't be effective, it's more a question of doing whats simple? I mean won't mandating that combat units be co-ed create more problems than it's worth on a number of levels? As far as I know this isn't necessary?
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