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Explain something to me please.

Why was this Piece of Shit not in jail, and out on the streets?

Virginia Cop Killer Was Angry At Police - Law Officer

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Unfortunately it's unexplainable.Hopefully someone will kill him before he goes to trial.
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Zoomy, it defies any type of logical or illogical explanation. Just needs to burn
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While he has an extensive record...

Charged with attempted murder in 2001
Unlawfully possessing a weapon or body armor in 2006
And aggravated battery on a pregnant woman in 2011 when court records say he sat on his girlfriend's belly, choking her, while yelling "I'm going to kill... you are not going to live after today!"

Brown was only sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. In the Illinois court system you can plea bargain your way down from almost anything to nothing. He finally found something he couldn't plea down, a hail storm of cops bullets, may his soul burn in hell forever.
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Words can't describe my dislike for most courts.
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Did it come out yet? He was at the bus station heading to "Med School" wasn't he? We need to suit up some liberals in police uniforms and send them in first ! And throw in some investigative reporters. Now that my friends would be pure entertainment to me.
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He probably had a bad childhood.......
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George Bush is to blame. I'm sure of it


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Send a message via AIM to loadedround
I understand that he was always good to his mama and trying to turn his life around and become a productive citizen.
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I am sure the real story goes something like he was just standing on the corner mindin his own business and these cops came up and started harassing him.
I am being sarcastic of course but this is a very common response.
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