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I'm back, with limitations.

As 'Snow and Chuck reported, I had a second retinal repair. This one was a tad more serious, but caught in time and I will hopefully make a full recovery.

I have restrictions. For this first month I am not permitted to work or drive since I have zero binocular vision. I cannot go to the gym, either. And here's the odd part, while I cannot see any "real" things out of my left eye, I do see hallucinations--which can be downright spooky. I was warned by numerous members of the surgical staff that the reports they get from other patients are mind-boggling.

For the first three days/nights I was not allowed to lift my head, I could only stare at the ground. I had to sleep with my nose and my left eye off the edge of the bed. I use the word 'sleep' in the general sense, I got maybe five hours total those three nights.

As with all surgeries, about the second day I got really bad depression. But after a post-operative follow-up (and a new surgeon) the "blue period" passed. I am now permitted to read.

Once again, I'd like to thank the KT family for the kind words and prayers. Since I have had great vision for most of my life, this has been quite a disturbing period--only to have to relive it a second time.

I've also experienced total fear, and I'd like to pay that forward. If any of you find yourself in these depths, never hesitate to contact me. We're all real good at shooting the enemy, but when the enemy is "inside" it is a hell that will take a village.

All I can say is, heartfully, thanks guys.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Oh, jeez. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Getting old suck, doesn't it!
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Glad to see you back and hear your feeling better.
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Good to hear from you Chico. Hang in there we're all pulling for you.


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Glad to see you are getting back (slowly) into the swing of things. As my grandmother used to say "Getting old is not for sissy's"
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Originally Posted by Jflytle View Post
"Getting old is not for sissy's"
No, but an uncontrollable crying jag by a biker sure makes you feel like one...

There's something "vulnerable" about eye surgery. Knowing that I have secured the services of a cognitive therapist to help me through this recuperative period. The thrust of the appointments is a branch of PTSD therapy, and while I'm still learning the ropes, the light at the end of the tunnel is now a lot smaller locomotive than I first imagined.

Oh, BTW, if any of you ever have this surgery, do not fear it--you will not feel a thing. As you know, the anesthesiologist had to wake me up to administer the meds, and I swear my entire head was covered (meaning both eyes) during an entirely pain-free surgery.

I didn't even feel a pin prick. In fact, the only sensation I felt at all was the inflating of the blood-pressure cuff every three to five minutes. The procedure took an hour, and I slept for 20 minutes of that.

The procedure does take an extreme mental toll, and your ophthalmologist will know this. Before the surgery begins, ask him about post operative services, counseling, emergency phone numbers (because you're going to need them) and access to clean anxiety meds which burn off in four hours.

Line this stuff up while you are still sane, quieted and lucid. Trust me. Those first four days will try any man's resolve.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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I'm glad you are on the mend.
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Glad you are back and heading on the road to recovery. I think I will skip getting old. Seems like it sucks.

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Best wishes on your recovery. Your experience definitely sounds harrowing. Your sharing definitely makes us appreciate the health that is slowly slipping away for many of us. Good thoughts are with you.
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Praying for a quick recovery and a positive, strong mental attitude until you are healed (or maybe even after. )
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