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The "Why we are stupid" thread

The WE is a generality referring to US as a nation. Add to the list by putting your reason in bold, then add any example and opinion as to why you have this belief.

* We are stupid because we have embraced "Political Correctness".
Political correctness is for those that are truth deniers. We have sold out our individual principles and lack the courage to tell it like it is. Where there is smoke there is fire and a "group" has not earned it stereotype from a few isolated events. If you are a member of a group being seen and referred to in a bad light then either work from within and change the reputation of the group or shut up, move on and assimilate into another group.

* We allow Americans to be hyphenated citizens.

When I met a black police officer from France, he calls himself French-not African-French. If you were born in the U.S. you are either American or get the hell out. Divisiveness is killing us. People of certain background and colors preach of bigotry and desires of equality but continue to take all steps possible to make themselves standout, be special and demand special considerations not afforded to either the so called "majority" or all o there groups combined. I don't even know what the majority is any more because even that group has been so sub-divided by selfish interests I sometimes feel that it is a not a Civil War/Revolution that is to be feared-it is tribal warfare like what occurs in Third World countries.

You see where this is going and I could continue for days...I am interested in the views of others. Pile on.
Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times donít matter.
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People believe what they are told, for the most part. Unfortunately, way to many people lie for sport.
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We are stupid because: We allow to much time for our election process to take place. In Japan it is done in 108 days. In Great Britian it is done in 224 days. Here in the U.S. from the time the first candidate declares until it's all over with; it's 596 days. Just Damn!:
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We are stupid because: We have allowed all levels of government to enable the "victim class", but worse, have now officially by law or edict decided the tail should wag the dog.

All this bathroom gender bullhockey, all this 'special rights for special people' who have self-identified as part of one group or another is absolutely rubbish. Is it too late to drag politicians in the street and shoot them? My guess would be that it wouldn't take too many before the others recognized the error of their way.
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To Gator, I watch for the first time Selma last night. I can see how it all got started, and it is just as hard to wind down the great effort it took to give so many the chance to live a life of peace and opportunity.
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...the fact that we have elected officials that really don't accurately represent us...
...I suppose it's human nature to focus on the task at hand and not notice we're being taken advantage of?
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Ask why or how 13 percent of the population can cause such an effect on the rest. The rest of us are held to higher standards and not given much leeway. When the 13%s do what they do excuses come out like raindrops and the rest allow it. Personally I am far from politically correct and never will be as I take the right of free speech as serious as the 2nd amendment and I won't give. What i hear in the news everyday pushes me farther. I feel for a couple hundred years the rest have held ourselves high in morals and class and fully understand simple right from wrong and respecting others. We have full understanding of authority when performing properly. Equal rights? Yes for those deserving, period. Not for quotas and affirmative action. We must ask ourselves, who has allowed us to be pushed aside? Who passes those that fail? Who provides jobs for those not qualified? The 13%s gather together and riot, burn, plunder and kill. We simply don't, it's against the law. Personally I speak from experience first hand from school right through my career. Anyone that knows me understands my position on conditions in the US. If I offend anyone I could care less, then don't engage me in topics that end up having people tell each other BS because it's politically correct. Tell it to those that make excuses for the 13%ers. I remained professional in my job but it taught me how tilted life is and now I'm retired and speak "The Truth". And not in my humble opinion, nothing humble about this observation, nothing.........
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We are stupid for not having a balanced budget amendment.

We are stupid for not having an "anti earmarking" amendment.

We are stupid for "investing" through compelled taxation in business and welfare recipients with no expectation of a return on said investment.
Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times donít matter.
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We are stupid as a nation because it's too damn easy for people to get a disability check when nothing is wrong with them except for the fact that they're lazy..

I know way to many people that have worked with me over the years and they might have a little back pain or knee stiffness and the bastards are on the government payroll....They tell me if "Joe Blow" can get it why can't they...

I have a friend who is on a mental disability claim and he's as sane as they come...He told me that all he did was go in for his evaluation and acted all crazy, talking out of his head and shit his pants while he was there...

His first check was sent 90 days later...Like I said....It's to damn easy..
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We are stupid because Most of America has no Idea What this means. But man is this ever a true statement.

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