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How Trump will win

I've talked to a few friends that are dems and all of them are very bent up because NONE of them are willing to vote for Clinton and really wish Bernie would be the candidate. They may vote for libertarian ticket but all of them have said they are more likely to not cast a vote. You can poll all you want but it is seeming like Hillary may not be able to overcome the throw-up-in-your-own-mouth feeling that people have when it comes to voting for her.

On the flip side, I have even heard some of my conservative friends say that if it was a choice to see Hillary get indicted if it meant Bernie would win they would be ok with that. Has anybody ever been hated so much?
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Bernie is definitely the lesser of those two evils, even being an avowed commie. I think if he were president, he would be about as effective as Jimmie Carter was, which we certainly don't need. But at least we wouldn't be plagued with the downright evil schemes of the Clintons. I truly hope to live long enough to see her in a bright orange jumpsuit, and Bill castrated.
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I was really hoping Trump would get more professional and more "presidential" as time went on, meanwhile, it appears he's getting more crazy. I'm a huge Trump fan as I can't bear the thought of Bill Clinton strolling around the White House again in his boxers, having people wait on him.

Trump needs strong, knowledgeable people around him that can coach him on debate tactics, foreign policy, how to run a press confrence, etc. But I'm afraid that won't happen and Hillary will win by default. Good God.

If he would just focus on the US debt, having a budget, a stronger military, national security, border protection and job growth he would win.
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...she's flawed

The best hope for the GOP is that she winds up being the candidate. I think there's a much better chance for a few of the "swing states" winding up red if Hillary is the blue option? Even so, I think this could wind up being a flip of the coin.
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I will vote for Trump. I will take the business man over the crook or socialist.
It will be nasty and Mrs. Clinton could be in prison. I expect to see Joe Biden at some point in time.
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I will vote for Trump just based on what he said he feels about the Supreme Court. If we lose the court we've lost it all and we'll never get it back.
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Originally Posted by loadedround View Post
Sometimes I wonder what's behind door #3.


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How Trump will win

I know quite a few democrats I work with that will vote Trump if Hillary is their candidate.

Bernie the socialist (communist) isn't as dangerous as Hillary if he was elected. Hillary's my biggest fear, she's outright talked about Australian gun control (confiscation).

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I agree with Albert. Bernie, being the uninformed commie that he is, would be much less a threat than Hildabeast. Congress could just ignore Bernie's ravings about free this and free that. In four years we can start over with some new choices. Hildabeast will be in prison (I hope) and Trump will be occupied with making money.
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