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Yesterday was a big day!

On 2/8/16 my middle daughter gave birth to my first grandson, I have 4 daughters and 5 granddaughters. This grandson Autry was due 5/20/16. He weighed 1lb 15oz. Yesterday he got to go home from the hospital. He is still on oxygen and a monitor but he is home. All to God's glory. We are so thankful. Had to share this with my friends.

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Originally Posted by glokrok View Post
... All to God's glory. We are so thankful.
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Amen, and congratulations!
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Good on ya, Gramps!

So are you thinking maybe the new Micro 9 for his first Kimber? Maybe get him a .22 conversion for it.
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Terrific news. Congratulations!
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Way to go Grampa. My God Bless your new baby!
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Congratulations. Hope he continues to grow stronger and remains healthy to follow in grandpa's shooting footsteps.
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Just beautiful my friend.

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Congratulations glokrok, happy to hear your grandson is home. He's beautiful.
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Finally a boy, and a future shooting and hunting buddy. Congrates!!!
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