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Old 06-06-2016, 07:29 AM   #1
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Sweet Capicola Success

20 days in a heavy brine, 6 weeks drying out. Got kind of nasty looking, but it was like I hoped, that is was only surface mold.

Very tasty, and has the texture of seared yellow fin tuna.

That's it for this years dry cured meats. All in all, very successful. There was only one Salami Chub that I thought didn't look right, and was tossed.
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I can see some nice Deli style sandwiches coming from your kitchen nice goin.
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That came out great looking, all you need are a couple of slices of cheese, some sourdough bread and a cold beer.
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I also pull the Spicy Capicola a few days ago. Good eating is a coming. I'll be picking up some good soft cheese in a few days, and hopefully some multigrain bread.

The sourdough bread is a bit thick for sandwiches with this very thinly sliced richly flavor meat. I might snack with the SD bread dipped in olive oil and pieces of this meat.

The eating of this Capicola must be an experience reflecting the time and effort that went into making the meat.
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Again killing me here, wish I lived closer. Meat looks awesome.
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You wanna send some of that my way? lol
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Sometimes that stuff makes me............ FTE --Failure to Eject.
I have to watch my............................... FTF- failure to Feed.
Looks good though!
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