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Biggest for me would be a LAW and a Jeep mounted 105 recoilless. I did take off my helmet first though.
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Our family "deer caliber", as a kid, was always the 30.06 have been around many, many shots fired with no ear protection. Wish I had known better.

But a better story is my trip up to Parkersburg, WV for an IPSC match. One of those "run .. shoot reload ... run .. shoot .. reload .. run shoot". I go to the start line with my Colt Commander .45, the RO hits the beeper, I draw, shoot my first six uh-oh no muffs, no plugs. I finished the 18 round course with no "ears". I NEVER did that again.
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Well, let me see.....60+ years of big game hunting here and in Canada never wearing plugs, but the damage was done early in that evil land far, far away and the beloved .50 cal M2 BMG.

That'll do it!
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.375 H&H. Local gunsmith was building it for a customer and asked me if I wanted to touch one off.

That would have been 1968; hearing protection? We don' need no stinkin' hearing protection. Yeah, I wear two hearing aids now.
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