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Squib Rounds

Yesterday I was visiting a neighbor where he showed me his 25 caliber semi automatic pocket gun. This is something Stan purchased nearly 25 years ago for $40.00, I am thinking the last time it was really cleaned was NEVER. He had to look up the weapon on Youtube to see how it was broken down. The problem he wanted to show me was "the lead projectile was sticking out of the barrel! Said he tried to remove it but it was stuck tighter then hell. He was not able to break the weapon down either. I explained to Stan that a squib fire or insufficient discharge is an extremely dangerous malfunction that happens when a fired projectile does not carry enough force and becomes stuck in the gun barrel instead of exiting it. Told him I had read a story once where a shooter didn't realize he had a Squib so he "tap, rack and banged a second round". Resulted in the barrel blowing up and the shooter loosing several fingers.

With a pair of vise grips I was able to spin the lead projectile so that it twisted out. OK, now to check the barrel! Still plugged? Took a small wooden dowel and continually tapped it against the blockage. I like to faint when I saw a second projectile coming out of the barrel!

God was looking over this guy. Once barrel was cleared of BOTH rounds I again inspected the barrel and could see a very faint ridge 2/3rds of the way down the barrel. Looks like the copper coating from a round has melted into the barrel.

Told Stan not to EVER fire that weapon as it was, matter of fact I did not re-assemble it for him.

NEVER in my life have I seen this. My thoughts, number 1 would be the ammo as I think it was cheap ammo that he purchased with the weapon 25 years ago! Secondly, complete lack of cleaning and knowledge of any weapons.

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Years ago a Dan Wesson revolver had 5 or 6 squibs in it. I believe DW bought it and used it to brag over the toughness of their firearms as the barrel was unharmed.

I've had 1 squib, in a 357 Ruger. This was during my early days of reloading. It was obvious that something was wrong. Took 5 seconds to discover the problem. I didn't for a second consider firing a second round. Hard to imagine the thought process that decides to pull the trigger again (and again...).

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I got a squib a few months ago. It was the first one EVER, after decades of shooting and untold tens of thousands of rounds. I instantly knew the problem, but perhaps someone with no shooting experience would just send another round down the pipe.

My squib was from a batch of reloads about 20 years old. Although there could be several causes, it seems the most probable cause would be no powder. Some other reloads from that time period didn't fire on the first primer strike, so there's really no way to be sure.

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Sounds like that 25 needs to be permanently retired and rendered nonfunctional.
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Seems you've a neighbor, if he's a good neighbor and you wish to, could use a little safety and general gun handlin' skoolin'

I had my S&W Model 19-4 revolver out one day just plinking with some cheap 38 ammo. Heard the crack of the cap but no bang. I thought at that moment I had a possible hang fire so kept it pointed down range. Nothing happened so I go to inspect what happened. I noticed the bullet was stuck about half-way into the forcing cone and half way out of the cylinder, so couldn't cycle the weapon. Tried to pull the hammer back and couldn't. What the h4ll????
Turns out the round had no flash hole so the cap swelled up around the firing pin and had just enough power to force the bullet half way out of the cylinder into the forcing cone.
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Reminds me of a CCW class I was conducting. First round of the first shooter (.38 cal.) had a squib load. He did not fire a second round. As i was next to him I also took control of the weapon. Good learning opportunity for all in class. Afterwards he stated,"so that is what a squib load feels like. Just goes to show; if you don't know - you don't know.
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Originally Posted by Insta-Gator View Post
Sounds like that 25 needs to be permanently retired and rendered nonfunctional.
That is "exactly" what I told Stan! For what he paid for the 25 years ago, considering the lack of or no maintenance, also taking into consideration Stan knowledge of firearms is very limited he does not need the weapon!
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