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California Shootout!!!

Burgers and Bullets in the desert!
What did you THINK I was talking about?

A handful of us went out yesterday to brave the frigid mid-50's weather to sling lead and grill burgers. There were a lot of cool shootin' irons I've never seen before.

I brought out three guns. One was an Inland M1 Carbine. It's a nice original that does exactly what it's supposed to do. I like it because it's a light little popgun with no recoil, but it makes a lot of clanking noises when it's fired. It's like driving a Model T. This one got to eat 50 rounds of 1950 vintage ammo, and performed flawlessly.

Next was the HK P2000SK. I sometimes carry this one, and I haven't shot any 9mm in a while, so it got to come out and play. 150 rounds of aluminum case ammo, and the HK ran smooth as silk. I did a lot of blasting at my pretty new dueling tree from last month, which incidentally is now ugly and covered completely in gray spatter. The HK is a dream to shoot, but the transition to an HK sight picture isn't instantaneous. You know what it means when your transition between platforms isn't instantaneous and seamless? It means, "Shut up and practice more so someday you'll learn to shoot!" Anyway, it was a hoot to shoot.

Last was the Kimber Ultra CDP II. The gun is beautiful and can drive tacks. I brought a 50 round box of expensive Remington HP that was now too old to use for serious work. I also had a box of 200 hundred rounds of old-old ammo. I got it from my dad's stuff. It's got to be about 35 years old. It looked like commercial reloads, but had case lube on the cases, so they might be homemade. They were lead... not round nose... not wadcutters... not even semi-wadcutters. They're like a stumpy round nose mated with an ugly wadcutter and they had freaky little bullet babies. Why anyone would load these for a 1911 is beyond me. Maybe they were intended for a .45 ACP revolver.

As expected, the mystery ammo wasn't all that great. It was so old that ignition was inconsistent and I could feel the variation in recoil. About 10% jammed in the Kimber. It wasn't frustrating because I knew the cause, and it wasn't even unexpected. In retrospect, I was too fumbly in clearing the jams, and really should have used the opportunity to up my game. I was thinking of just throwing out the other box of this ammo, but as I type this, I'm thinking I'll use it to practice clearing malfunctions. The serious take-away is that tap-rack-bang is bullshit. With a serious jam, you'll just end up with a far more serious jam--a jam sandwich. Drop the magazine, clear the jam, insert new magazine, continue where you left off.

Damn, I love where I live--so lucky to live in the greatest corner of the greatest country, in the greatest time, in the history of our world. A fun day was had by all.
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That sounds like a great day of making loud noises and punching little holes in stuff. I'm shocked you were able to survive that evil winter weather. (as I look out the window at the 28 deg. sleet and ice flying by). Oh well it's nice and warm at my reloading bench.
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Wish I was there!!!.Cheers.
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10mm.Because I can see a .45 bullet in flight.
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That sounds awesome! Burgers and guns can't see it getting any better than that!
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Now that looks like a perfect day for all..
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