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Taurus Spectrum, pretty guns for pretty girls?

'kay; y'all may have seen the cover story on American Rifleman?

Pretty pretty colors! And only ~$300 !?!?! (My friend Lisa -- whose husband got an M&P Shield in 9mm after I introduced him/taught him about guns -- needs a carry gun (once I get her trained up okay)... (I'll do another thread of ... {sigh} clearing her house (at 0630! {yawn}) with her after her husband called me from FLA cause she was (legit) freaking out; could I go help her clear the house... he and I were both about 99% sure it was NOT an intruder, but something wrong with their brand new alarm system.)

Showed her the cover and she gasped and loved the colors (duh; so did I!) (Although I am actually, philosophically, very very MUCH against pretty colored guns -- so, see, the 6-yr-old takes mommy's gun out of her purse when she's not looking, and he's out on the lawn waving it around.... What's a COP do?!? Shoot the kid for what could -- or could not -- be a real gun?! Rick his life that the idiot-kid shots HIM?! Nah, bad thing... except I have a Sapphire and crave another!) So, I did a half-day of research (YAY! internet! Articles and vids! YAY! Hmmm, that Ruger is nice looking too!)

Academy over here has the Taurus in stock, only in the 'main/standard' colors. So, let's go put fingerprints all over them!

Pretty pretty pretty. (I'm partial to the white body with the turquoise 'panels' (see below!) -- she's a 'red girl': they didn't have red, but they had the purple and black.) When she found out it has no safety ("it's got an 8# trigger..." "NO No no! No safety, no gun!") she lost interest. (We're going to go fire the P238; which she liked and it fit her hand well...)

My review: the Spectrum didn't fit my hand as well as either Micro. The insert (some kind of rubbery plastic, according to the reviews) is smooth(well, smoothly checkered: some reviewer was surprised and pleased that it held the gun to his hand really well) and feels nice.

The grip is too small for MY (not huge) hands... and that was with the extended mag. (Pretty pretty gun though.) They won't remove the trigger lock, so no try. Feels okay, but .... too small. (Weird how the Micro isn't, but this gun is?!)

Oooh, but... Fit-and-finish?! YUCK! A video reviewer had mentioned and shown the slide and the slide rail don't MEET right at the back end! Really not lined up well at all! (Well, $300 gun, whaddayah expect?! I expect better than that!) And the plastic of the body appeared kinda worn or dented.

Yeah. No. Too bad, pretty thing! Mostly, the reviews said it fired okay. But, I want quality in a gun... And this was NOT it!

(I had told my anodizer -- whom we were going to drop in on after to pick up parts -- that IF I liked the Taurus enough to try, I'd just buy one and bring it along... He's Navy SEAL (boat driver) AND a "private" FFL: that is: he has his FFL, but only so he can buy whatever he wants. In fact, he currently has SuperGun ("my" converted DPMS Panther; two pix below) -- I asked him to check it out, put the (Trijicon) scope back on (he'd taken it off for me some years ago) and prepare it for sale, finally! I was worried about rust -- the beautiful thing has been sitting in a box (okay, a good case) for 8 years... When I dropped it off to him, he said he might know someone who might want it...

A couple weeks later (I told him to take a couple months: by then, he'd reported no rust at all!); after he'd had a chance to look it over and all -- he said... oh dear, HE might have to buy it for himself... It's a REALLY nice piece o' gear! (YAY! I could have visitation?) He's said (when I told him about the crappy Taurus...) (well, the no better than it oughta be Taurus) he's about ready to 'go out to the farm' and test it out.

Michael never DID fire it, alas... Accuracy Systems in S.Caro. tested it when they converted it, but Michael never got around to it. He bought it and had it converted ("to fire farther than an M16") when the G.D. ( ) govt was "confiscating" legal guns from legal gun owners in NOLA after Katrina! (Funny, they weren't taking them FROM THE PREDATORS!!! G.D. G.D. G.D.!!!)

Anyway, you can tell from msg length, I'm caffeinated to the hilt... Later y'all!


p.s., If you missed the original thread I did on Supergun:
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They're Taurus, which is on my "no buy" list, because of an extremely negative experience. The issues you raise are not unusual for Taurus.
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Between the Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard and Sig P238, I don't see much reason to bother looking elsewhere in the subcompact .380 category unless the criteria is pretty looks and colors with a poor reputation for reliability. With that criteria, Kimber Micro and Taurus Spectrum come to mind.
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Hey El, IMO the new Taurus "pretty" pistols are today's old school "Saturday Night Special."

I like the Panther, just can't justify a need for it.

Speaking of pretty have you seen this new 9mm Ruger "Rose Gold?"
MSRP $1,099.
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Where is the market for those guns?
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I just don't like those for some reason, they're too Jetsons or something for me. I do like the fact that there's a good selection of colors, though, but I think I prefer anodizing for color instead of colored polymer.
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I have (7) Taurus revolvers and pistols,I must be the only person that likes Taurus hand guns.
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Originally Posted by If1Hitu View Post
I have (7) Taurus revolvers and pistols,I must be the only person that likes Taurus hand guns.
Not so, I also have 2 Taurus pistols. A pt709 with over 5000 rounds through it without a single hiccup. Also a Millenium G2 with over 2000 and no hiccups. Two of the most reliable pistols I own Kimbers included. And the G2 was only $199. Are they my EDC's or first choice? No, my Pro Carry 9mm or Stainless Raptor ultra 45 are. But I would trust my life with either one any day of the week. No other auto pistol I own has had that many rounds with out a single malfunction right out of the box.

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Originally Posted by If1Hitu View Post
I have (7) Taurus revolvers and pistols,I must be the only person that likes Taurus hand guns.
A few weeks back I shot my first Taurus, I believe it was a G2c in 9mm. I was pretty impressed with this $200 gun. It shot great, the trigger was a little heavy but had an excellent reset. The gun was brand new so the trigger will probably improve in time. Iím not looking for a new carry gun but I had fun.
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Originally Posted by If1Hitu View Post
I have (7) Taurus revolvers and pistols,I must be the only person that likes Taurus hand guns.
I inherited a Taurus M-85, a five shot stubbie 38 from my younger Brother. It’s a decent handgun, no problems and I sometimes carry it.
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