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New Shooter Day

I don't get to shoot as often as I like. Ranges bore me to tears, and it's a two hour drive to anyplace desolate enough to do as I please. So when Mrs. Iron and I go out, we need to make it worth our while. It's an all-day event, and we blow through a LOT of ammo.

My sister-in-law carries. She might be better than some, but not as good as many, and I don't think she's ever been out in a casual gun-slinging environment. She asked me to take her out the next time I go. Super. I'm always eager to share what I know with an eager learner.

And then other sister-in-law chimes in and says she wants to go. Uh... okay... but she's never shot. All the gentlemen are probably shaking their heads at this point and thinking, "Oh, you poor bastard. Instead of shooting, you're gonna be the 'reloading bitch,' and you're not even going to get to shoot. Well, I'm not stupid, and this thought definitely crossed my mind. But I did the best I could, and insisted that SIL2 come over one afternoon so we could go over the basics of gun handling.

The designated morning rolled around, and we all piled into my truck and headed out. We were a mobile weapons platform with firepower that would put many of the world's military squadrons to shame.

We found my spot in the desert and set up our range. At first I focused on the new shooter. I brought an S&W Kit Gun in .22 lr, thinking it would be safe and controllable. She dug it, as first, but quickly took a liking to my HK in 9mm. That gave me time to play with the .22, a caliber that I've pretty much abandoned since I was a kid. Don't believe me? The date on my ammo is 1979. But you know what? It was a kick in the ass to rip off six rounds on target as fast as I can pull the trigger. I'll bring this gun out again soon.

SIL2 was doing good, so she didn't need close supervision. SIL1 and Mrs. Iron have matching S&W Shields, and they were doing whatever, so I broke out the Kimber Ultra CDP II. It's a beautiful gun, and it hits what I point it at.

SIL1 had a new shotgun, so we threw birds for a while. Then I broke out a scary black rifle. The concussion is intense... um... I mean... cool, so the others were wary. But they quickly learned why so many Americans prefer the modern rifle platform.

The MOST fun, and I encourage EVERYONE to buy one, was the dueling tree. SIL1 and I spent quite a bit of time playing with it. We load our guns and spare magazine with the same number of rounds. Then we holster our weapons. Since she's a little less experienced, I let her draw and take the first shot. At that point I draw and start shooting. We reload as needed until we're both out of ammo.

I think the dueling tree is the most fun one could have shooting with friends.

I ended up driving a lot, but was well taken care of. Grapes, peanut butter pretzels, a variety of cheeses, I actually GAINED weight. Everyone had a good time, and hopefully we'll do it again.
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That's always great fun. Funny how new shooters sometimes automatically think or assume they will not like/enjoy a certain type of firearm, then change there mind after really seeing what it's really about.
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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
That's always great fun. Funny how new shooters sometimes automatically think or assume they will not like/enjoy a certain type of firearm, then change there mind after really seeing what it's really about.
Ha!...yup been there. Went shooting with my nephew, a young man kinda new to handguns. To him it's all about "autos". He has a Sig 1911, a S&W 9mm, and Ruger MK II. I handed him my S&W 686, 5" , .357 mag, loaded with a stout factory round. His first time shooting a revolver. Seven shots later, through a big smile, he says, "I gotta get one of these!" I'd say he fired at least another 40-50 rounds. I didn't think I was gonna get it back.
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Sure sounds like a great day was had by all.
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Great post Rob, done right, introducing new people to shooting can be a lot of fun for both of you.
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