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5/8 more RAMI fun :-)

Yard work was done, all caught up on grocery shopping and home alone, hmmm :-)
Might as well get my moneys worth out of the range membership, "waste not want not" right. Today I gave my RAMI BD a taste of some lower pressure ammo. I brought 50 American Eagle 124gr RN FMJ, 50 Atlanta Arms Select 115gr RN FMJ and 10 rounds of Federal "law enforcement" 124gr HST. The HST is carry ammo and I wanted to rotate that magazine's worth out.
"Nothing but blue skies" the sexy little CZ ran like butter :-) I had grabbed a few boxes of the Atlanta Arms ammo because I know it's on the lower end of the spectrum pressure wise. It's new not remanufactured but doesn't have much recoil. It ran fine in both my CZs and Kimber CDP but leaves an odd residue, a very fine "soot"? A real PITA to clean up :-( Now that I've tested it it's unlikely I'll be getting more.
The trigger on the CZ is only getting better. I'm at a bit over 800 failure free rounds now. I shot the first round of each magazine to the head and everything else to the body. I seem to be getting the hang of the DA much better. Target was at 7 yards.
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My yard work, grocery shopping and range time are behind. I can’t wait until my wife knee heals. My next trip to the range will probably be Memorial Day.

Glad to see your RAMI is doing good.
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I know there are a few other RAMI owners here at KT. Thought I'd pass along a little factoid I read about. As you may know the recoil assembly on a RAMI has two springs. The outer is more prone to wear. Depending on who you ask (CZ USA, CZ Custom, CGW) the suggested change interval for a carry pistol is 500-1000 rounds to be safe. Kinda low, I know :-(
I read a piece earlier where the author found that the 18# Wolff spring for Kimber Ultra 9mm was an ideal replacement. He projected the outer spring would go a good 3K, wow. He thought the inner would go longer bur it was a PITA to change.
I don't mind keeping a spring with a low round count in there but it's nice to know there may be an alternative?
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