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...new Marlin 1894 :-)

I've always thought it'd be nice to have a rifle in .44 magnum to go with my Ruger Super Blackhawk. A few months back I was in a gun shop down in Bluffton, SC and fondled a new old stock Winchester '94 Trapper (16" barrel). She was hot that's for sure and I'll admit I was tempted but at $1200.00 I passed. That kinda got the juices flowing though and I placed a bid or two on GB, checked my local shops for something used in my price range too, no luck??? As the adage goes "quitters never win" so I kept at it though and was rewarded with a winning bid on a GB auction last week. A factory new Marlin 1894 (20"barrel) .44magnum/special at a price I could live with :-) There was a period when Remington first took over Marlin and moved production to Illion, NY, a "rough patch" ('09-'10ish) to say the least. It's been suggested that sabotage even occurred? Since then Marlin retooled their lever gun production and has seemingly gotten things dialed in. The rifle I bought was produced in '16 and looks to be put together quite nicely to me. The furniture may not be in the league of the pre Marlington era "JM" stuff but it's nice solid black walnut. More importantly the rifle looks to function as it should. I had a few rounds of Cowboy Action .44 special semi wadcutter not want to get into the chamber. A wiggle of the lever either chambered or ejected those. Everything else I ran through her was without issue. Today I ran 10 rounds of 200gr RN Cowboy Action .44 magnum (target on upper left), 5 rounds Hornady .44 magnum XTP (target on upper right), 20 Cowboy Action .44 special SWC (lower left) and 6 rounds Remington .44 magnum 240gr FNSP (lower right). The cycling and trigger both softened up already :-)
...Target was at 25 yards. I was wearing a mask as this is some skunky ammo, my glasses kept fogging up and the sight picture was BAD. I'm sure if I was shooting outside with Hicock .45 I'd be able to hit that gong at will :-)
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Nice shooting Mark, I've got an old Ruger Model 44 carbine that I love shooting. The .44 mag makes a great rifle cartridge.
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Very nice.

I've got an 1984C .357. Great fun.

(pictured below with sight adjustment tool )
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To bad you couldn't swing the "new old stock Winchester," I would have wanted it.
Nice GunBroker score tho, key word price you can live with.

I'm a firm believer in having a rifle companion for every pistol caliber I own. Hmm, I don't have a .44 or .357 rifle yet. Must work on that.
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Oh my word my dream gun Phil. I have wanted an 1894 Marlin in .357 for at least 35 years. When I was younger I dreamed but passed as they were a bit pricier than the other Marlins. Later I learned the hard way that would have been a steal I shoulda bought three.

One of the landowners whose land I bowhunted had one and he called it his favorite gun, he had also killed several deer with it.

Cool guns guys!
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You're good to go, now! When Henry came out with the Big Boy, I got one in .44mag to go with my Ruger Super Redhawk "Model of 1988". I like it quite a bit. Now Henry has come out with the side loader for the magazine, which I would have preferred. Mine has the tubular loading near the muzzle end. My Marlin 336 is in .30-30, that I had picked up used. I have a couple of Winchester '94 rifles, also. It's great to carry one cartridge for both.
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Congrats looks like you have a fine shooter there. .44 Mag is by far my favorite cartridge....
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Congratulations Mark, that’s a really nice lever action rifle.
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Thanks everyone :-)
Here's a little Marlin factoid I learned for newer products. On the barrel where the "JM" is stamped on older CT guns there are also two letters. The first one tells the month of production. Using the key BLACKPOWDERX, the B=January, L=February, A=March...
The second letter is the year. They started using E in 2010 and go alphabetically. F=2011, G=2012, H=2013...
This code is on the box a rifle comes too in and will also have a number, the number is the day complete. On my rifle the box says 29CK on it, that translates to April 29, 2016. Again the letters are on the barrel and are more important. That second one, the year, the biggie. From what I've read E and F, '10 and '11, were iffy???
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This is Remington year code, most likely Marlin, also.
M - 1921 N - 1922 P - 1923 R - 1924 S - 1925
T - 1926 U - 1927 W - 1928 X - 1929 Y - 1930
Z - 1931 A - 1932 B - 1933 C - 1934 D - 1935
E - 1936 F - 1937 G - 1938 H - 1939 J - 1940
K - 1941 L - 1942 MM - 1943 NN - 1944 PP - 1945
RR - 1946 SS - 1947 TT - 1948 UU - 1949 WW - 1950
XX - 1951 YY - 1952 ZZ - 1953 A - 1954 B - 1955
C - 1956 D - 1957 E - 1958 F - 1959 G - 1960
H - 1961 J - 1962 K - 1963 L - 1964 M - 1965
N - 1966 P - 1967 R - 1968 S - 1969 T - 1970
U - 1971 W - 1972 X - 1973 Y - 1974 Z - 1975
I - 1976 O - 1977 Q - 1978 V - 1979 A - 1980
B - 1981 C - 1982 D - 1983 E - 1984 F - 1985
G - 1986 H - 1987 I - 1988 J - 1989 K - 1990
L - 1991 M - 1992 N - 1993 O - 1994 P - 1995
Q - 1996 R - 1997 S - 1998 T - 1999 (*) U - 2000 (*)
V - 2001 (*) W - 2002 X - 2003 Y - 2004 Z - 2005
A - 2006 B - 2007 C - 2008 D - 2009 E - 2010
F - 2011 G - 2012 H - 2013 I - 2014
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