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Autumn Desert Day

Summer is over and it's finally cooling off in Socal, so I took the day off to sling some lead.
Mrs. Iron and I loaded up an assortment of iron and headed to the high desert.

Temps ranged from the high fifties to low seventies, ever so slight breeze, and clear blue skies. It was a gorgeous day to be out.

Rundown is as follows:

I carried the HK45C all day in an OWB Milt Sparks BN55. I'm really starting to like this rig. With a big tshirt, it conceals just fine. And the HK really is a joy to shoot. One could make the argument that the .45 ACP is obsolete, but no one can deny the joy of putting big holes in targets.

The Sig Sauer P365 came out because I carry it a lot, and like to make sure I'm good with it. As usual, it ran flawlessly. I did a side-by-side with my wife's S&W Shield. I like the trigger and the grip better on the Sig, but the Shield delivers less felt recoil. She likes her Shield, I like my Sig. All is good.

I brought out a couple .380's, just cuz I wanted to. The Colt Government .380 is a smooth runner, but it stovepiped twice. Once for me, once for my wife. Both times it was on the last round. The other .380 was a Walther PPK/S. I love the fit in the hand, and I love the trigger, both da and sa. But the thing kicks like 9mm. That's to be expected from a blow-back. WTF was Comrade Carl thinking? Maybe blow-back was fine when the gun was a .32 ACP, but as a .380, it's a flop. I read that Walther is reintroducing the PPK/S. I'm sure it will be a hit for folks who want to look cool like Daniel Craig.

I also got to play with a couple AR's. The first is a 10.5" pistol. I really, really like this gun. It's equipped with a cheap red dot that allows quick target acquisition. WAY FUN.

The other AR is carbine-length, with a stupid-big scope. I took the time to set it up as well as I could, and I'm pleased. Keep in mind, my rifle experience is limited. 50 yards is a good distance for me. Setting up targets at 100 yards is tedious. After a little experimentation, my best three shot group was about an inch. A couple more groups were about an inch and a quarter. A couple times, subsequent shots made one hole. This is with a 16" budget barrel and a shooter who has no clue what he's doing. About 400 yards out and 100 feet up on a hillside was something that looked like a dorm fridge. I think I was hitting it by the dust that would be kicked up around it. That might not be good enough for Chris Kyle, but it's good enough for me.

When I was getting the good accuracy, it was with General Dynamics XM855 ammo. When I switched to Geco M193, my 50 yard groups opened up to about five or six inches. I don't know what's up with that, but from now on that ammo will be for ringing gongs at closer distances.

Making the day even cooler, was that a buddy who is into off roading also took the day off. We don't hang out in the desert together, but he just happend to set up about a quarter mile from where we were. He got to shoot some of my toys, and I got to share some of his refreshments. And his wife cooks GREAT cookies. Ain't life grand?
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Sounds like you had a great day. I’m jealous of the fact that you can get out to a place like that to shoot. I see you’re shooting some Freedom Munitions ammo, I sure wish they were in business.
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My Autumn Day is being spent with a leaf blower. I like your day better.
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Great pictures Rob, it sounds like you had a wonderful day.
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