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Originally Posted by Doons View Post
Snipped from DW.... at something around the price of two Colts and it being a 9mm I'll have to just admire it's beauty.... mostly the price of 2 Colts thing though.....

Attachment 117236

DWX Compact
Attachment 117238
Thanks for adding the pics Doons, she's a looker ain't she :-) Sometimes it's fine to admire and enjoy beauty and inovation. If you've never held a CZ, try one, something feels "nice" with the ones I've tried. I have about 2500 failure free rounds through my Rami BD and over 1000 without issue through my CGW PCR. If the DWX's can do that it counts IMO, as far as the price the ammo is where that adds up. $500.00 more fore a pistol in the long run isn't a deal breaker if it is reliable and accurate.
...again JMO
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OK, now what about a picture of the Waitress?
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My thoughts FWIW:

Do I love the 1911? "Yes"
Do I like CZ's? "Yes"
Do I like/tolerate plastic guns? "NO!"

Call me old school, that's okay, but I just do not have any love for plastic pistols, period. JMB got it right the first time, before plastic ever came on the scene, I see no reason to own one.

And I can leave any of my 1911's out and near my hounds without any fretting....

End of rant.
Semper Fortis
USN Amphibious/RVN 1966
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...I looked at the Dan Wesson site and the specs show a steel frame for both X models. Looks like they're hound proof :-)
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Originally Posted by Rick in Oregon View Post

End of rant.
As rants go, that was good one. Oh yea, almost forgot... “you’re Old School”.
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Very nice Doons,thanks for sharing.
Semper Fi.

Yes I am a Democrat,that love his guns!
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