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57 year-old gets wood

Today's my 57th birthday (yay me!), so Mrs. Iron and I took off for some adventure in Laguna Beach. There's lotsa good beach, and the town is very nice, with lots of art stores, restaurants, and pretty people.

When we got home, there was a brightly wrapped box on the kitchen island. I tore it open and was surprised that my lovely bride was perceptive enough to understand how my mind works. It was a set of Hogue Pao Ferro grips for my Sig P229.

I've had the Sig for 20 years. It rocks the OG styling, but came with black plastic grips. Adding the wood grips brings me back to the pistol styling of my youth. I really like the subtle grain and color of the Pau Ferro.

I was concerned that modern grips might not fit the twenty year old gun. But the grips fit perfectly. Ok, to be truthful, if you look at the arc around the "beavertail" area, you'll see that it doesn't match perfectly. But I'm not sure that the original grips were better. Regardless, I'm happy with them. Now the old-school Sig is totally old-school.
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Nice, very nice! BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Take care,
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HBD Rusty. I feel a little bit awkward complimenting you on your birthday wood, but dammit I'm going to anyway.
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Happy birthday. Nice look for the 229. I have one in 40.
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Happy Birthday woody..

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Happy Birthday Rusty.
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Happy Birthday nice wood..
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Happy Birthday, the P229 looks great with the new grips.
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Happy birthday, the grips look great. gotta love the da/sa sigs. I have a sig p239 sas, dis continued model that ive been thinking of adding wood grips to. I think after seeing your sig Ill have to get a set.
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Happy Birthday. I have the exact pistol in .40 only with Pachmyar grips. One of my favorite sidearms. You have a very considerate wife, does she have a sister?
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