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Winchester Model 62 Pump

As mentioned in another Thread I started, I recently found a Winchester 62 pump action rifle that shoots 22 shorts only manufactured in 1935. This is one of the rifles popular for use in carnivals back in those days for the shooting galleries.Can you imagine the outcry if someone actually had a shooting gallery at a carnival these days that featured real guns shooting real ammo

This rifle is in amazing condition for its age, but was definitely not a safe queen showing signs of maybe falling over from its propped up spot in the corner by the door, or scratches in the stock likely from walking through the woods in heavy brush. The bluing is mostly gone but there are no signs of significant rust pitting. The slide action is butter smooth and is a hoot to shoot. It came with a known issue that the breech bolt will not lock after chambering a round. As you can imagine, parts are pretty scarce and things you see on eBay are mostly worn out "junk". I've found a few sources, but Homestead Parts really stand out. The owner, Charles Van Riper has been working with me on finding the parts needed, one in particular; the pin that the slide stop rides in, he has the ability to make in his shop. The Breech Bolt/Firing Pin configuration was only used a few years and went back to the old style because of problems. One option I have is to convert it to the old/new style that is prevalent these days, but I'm leaning towards keeping it in its original configuration if at all possible.
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I'd suggest keeping it as original as you can.
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IMO, if your planning on firing it a lot maybe upgrade to the newer version. I would tend to want it to be original if I wasn't going to shoot it a lot.

I remember those rifles.
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My gramps gave me a pump 22-LR. I dont know what happened to it when I went to college/Army. Darn it.
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