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Originally Posted by Rick in Oregon View Post
Very, very cool indeed. But anyone considering one of these babies should also consider obtaining a Dillon RL550 to keep it fed, unless you're independently wealthy and can afford to feed it factory fodder (when factory fodder is available).

There's one in my future too, and thankfully the Dillon is already sitting in my gun room.
I am a dinosaur with a RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme, with plenty of dies, powder (including the Holy Black Powder), and bullets...
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Originally Posted by Oklahomabound View Post
I am a dinosaur with a RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme, with plenty of dies, powder (including the Holy Black Powder), and bullets...
Nuthin' wrong with that!

I actually wore out my old Rockchucker after 40 or so years, but there's still a single-station press on my bench too (Redding Pro-Mag). Sort of a staple in the handloading world, no matter how many progressives a guy runs. I cast my own bullets too.

All my LR precision rifle rounds are done on my single-station, one at a time.

But yeah, I'm a dinosaur too, and now into what a friend calls "Geezerhood".
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Geezerhood - I can relate. Although the results of my physical today show that I am healthier than last year (cholesterol meds are working!).
Pragmatism: the relentless pursuit of seeing things as they really are.
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