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Can't find the thread, but...

A few days ago someone posted a video of a belt fed 9mm upper for an AR15/M16.

At todays sub machine-gun match, a guy had one. It ran like a top through out the match and I got to shoot it at the end. It was fun, cyclic rate was fast but didn't time it to state what it is. He was talking about playing with buffers to slow it down. Recovering all the links on the ground is a bit of pain even with a large pole magnet but guess that is the price you pay to play...along with the 2k price tag for the upper and about 16k for a full auto lower.

Just thought I would share...

Chuck, move if needed to the original.
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Looks like something fun to shoot Mike....

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Holy Moly .... Forget the price of the gun. That's nothing.

The price of ammo and barrel replacements would be a killer.

But it did look like fun.
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I had never heard of a rifle like this until Mike brought it up and to be honest I find it quite fascinating....

Here's a review if anyone is interested....

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Surprised that barrel wasn't glowing, damn!
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